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The India and China border issue has been going for a while now, and China has already made trade imbalanced and heavily affect the Indian economy. Two of the rugged country has failed to resolve their border problem issues. And two parties are keeping one another at constant pressure, and regarding that issue, the Indian government has banned so many china developer games, including everyone’s favorite PUBG. Indian government blacklisted more than 118 Chinese apps and software because they are heavily concerned about their national privacy and safety.

Effect on Tencent Corporation

There is no hiding that Indian players were the most significant business of PUBG, and Tencent already confirmed that it would not affect other markets. PUBG is the most popular online multiplayer mobile game, with over more than 175 million downloads from the Play store. After the PUBG banned of India, Indian developers and game creators have taken this seriously, and they are trying to make a new online multiplayer gaming that can able to fill the loss of PUBG mobile gaming.

Forget PUBG!  And embrace the latest FAUG

Though many of you may know PUBG is a South Korean game, but all the maintenance of the game happens in China, and that is the reason behind the ban. But as an online battle multiplayer gamer, you have good news from India. Faug will most probably be the game that will beat PUBG in India with the same techniques and by providing a good gaming experience.

The released date of FAUG

There is no official release date of this game, but a rumor is going around about FAUG that end of this October, this game will release. Many people from both India and other countries are eagerly waiting for this game because many of the people feel bored with PUBG mobile.

Easy download and installing process

FAUG is going to be the most closed competitor of PUBG mobile in India. It was not any sort of false news because Akshay Kumar made this game’s announcement. And right after the information was made, this game made huge hype inside all the gaming community. Because of the PUBG mobile banned all the gamer was looking forward to finding a way to move forward, and FAUG could be their way out from this darkness.

FAUG game Download

This game will be available both in the Apple app store and google play store. So, it does not matter what device you are using; you will be able to play the game both in iOS and Android. Faug game will come out real soon in order to show Indian gamers the light from this monotonous darkness.

The size of the game

We are expecting that this game will be only 1.5 GB for the Android users, and besides this for iOS users, you will find in under 1.8 GB. This game will be heavily and well optimized so that every player will able to enjoy it properly. The wait is not so long, last of this October, we will be able to play this game. And the game is said to offer the best gaming experienced to the players, both Indian and other countries player.

Fully Indian game   

The owner of the FAUG game is Vishal Gondal, and he is an Indian citizen. So, all the rights of this game will be in the hand of India. And a fair cut of this game’s profit will go to the Indian soldiers.

So, you all should wait for this fearless and powerful game so that all the Indian players can find the light to go forward with something good.

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