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Features to Check When Buying Office Storage Cabinets

Office storage is the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle when designing an office. It can be a daunting task to pick the right type of storage cabinets for your office with so many options available. To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of essential features in storage cabinets for the office. 

Space-Saving Design/Multi-functional

Commercial spaces come at a premium price, and you need to do everything possible to make maximum space available. While doing so, you need to ensure the office does not look cramped with things. The storage cabinets you select should have a space-saving design. In simple words, it should support different functions and not be limited to storing items. For example, the storage cabinets might look like a traditional filing cabinet, but it turns into a small desk with a chair when folded out. 

Modular System

The storage furniture you buy should meet office requirements. If your company has lots of documents and books, you need to look for office storage with a modular system. It will allow you to stack the storage shelves neatly, and it will occupy less space than a bulky bookshelf. The modular storage shelves can be arranged in the form of your office reception to save office space.


The storage cabinets are used to store essential documents. When buying storage cabinets, you should consider protection from accidental fires. If the storage cabinets have fireproof characteristics, it will keep the documents inside the cabinet safe. The fireproof storage cabinets are designed to offer 90 minutes of protection to paper documents and 60 minutes of fire protection to digital media. 

Locking System 

Office documents are confidential, and you would want some security to the documents when stored in the cabinets. A secure locking system is a useful feature that can prevent unauthorized people from laying hands on sensitive documents. The style of the locking system is a crucial point to consider. 

Some storage cabinets offer different locking systems to drawers and sections of the storage cabinet. In some office cabinets, you can lock the entire cabinet with one key. You also get office filing cabinets with combination and electronic locks. 


Office furniture is a significant investment, and you would want it to last for a long time. The scratch-resistant feature ensures the look of the office cabinets looks good even after several years. The good looks of the furniture will also affect the overall look of your office. 

Anti-Tilt Mechanism

The office is generally a crowded space, and the last thing you would want is the storage cabinet topples and creates a mess. The worst thing someone gets hurts when the storage cabinets collapse. Hence, it would be best if you consider storage cabinets with an anti-tilt mechanism.

The anti-tilt mechanism allows you to open one drawer at a time. Thus, it prevents the storage unit from becoming unbalanced or tilting forward. The anti-tilt mechanism is a safety feature that prevents accidents and ensures the safety of your office colleagues. 

Drawer Labels

The storage cabinets can be used to store a variety of office things. The drawer labels are a time-saving feature that allows you to guess the type of content inside the cabinet without opening it. These labels also help in better organization of office files and tools. 


It would help if you often moved the office cabinets around when changing seating configuration or rearranging furniture. Office furniture is built strong and heavy. Castors allow you to move office cabinets quickly without much help. They allow you to roll the furniture in a forward or backward direction. 

Drawer Size

The size of the drawers determines the content you can keep inside. Depending on your storage requirements, you need to select storage cabinets with the right drawer size. The drawers can store A4 size documents, index cards, large blueprints, and foolscap documents. 


Storage cabinets are incomplete without handles. You have an option of a variety of handles like D shaped handles or molded handles. Regardless of the style of handle you select, make sure the handle allows you to pull out and push in the drawers with ease. 


The office furniture is a long-term investment. It should be durable enough to endure heavy weights and withstand harsh climates. For example, storage cabinets made of steel last long and also support heavy items. 

To sum up, office storage furniture is a crucial element in your office’s overall look and productivity. After deciding the style, shape, and look of the furniture, you need to ensure it has the right features to help get you the most out of your investment.

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