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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 02: A FedEx worker stacks packages on a cart on December 02, 2019 in San Francisco, California. Cyber Monday shoppers are on track to spend a record $9.4 billion on online purchases, a nearly 19 percent jump from one year ago, following strong Black Friday sales purchases of $7.2 billion. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

FedEx met the pandemic delivery boom with endurance and style. Despite shipping orders rising: more packages, more customers, and more deliveries, day after day, the white truck with the FedEx logo is like the Energizer Bunny. It just keeps on going! Business isn’t slowing down, either. The market cap is nearly double what it was at the beginning of 2020. Earnings are up. But with all this success in the delivery game, FedEx still feels the squeeze of competition with other big delivery companies.

Amazon, UPS, and the US Postal Service are neck and neck for delivery customers. Amazon’s success has been driven by customer-centricity, which has earned them the one-third of all American online retail growth in 2020. The secret to winning over the customer is undoubtedly timely delivery, and Amazon relies on fast, reliable drivers to provide that service. For FedEx to compete with giants like Amazon, they need to be on the cutting edge of tech and innovation. 

How can FedEx do this? They need the best Route Optimization Software (ROS).

Route Optimization Software Explained

Haven’t heard of Route Optimization Software? Think Google Maps or Waze, designed for delivery companies.

If FedEx wants to stay on top they need the best ROS for their drivers. Nowadays it’s a must-have for drivers to navigate their routes, hand-free, without having to stress about horrible traffic and crazy road conditions. To determine if the driver is going to make the deliveries on time, route optimization will instantly enter thousands of data points, and re-route the driver to save the day. Here are a few reasons delivery drivers need ROS: 

  • Dynamic routing saves time 
  • Customer base grows as more packages are delivered
  • Trucks utilize lower mileage, saving on gasoline
  • Delivery vehicles last longer

When couriers begin using ROS, their routes are less of a hassle. Their customers are more satisfied, and their business flourish.

If FedEx were to use route optimization software the benefits would be game changing. Look out World! FedEx has the opportunity to soar to the top of the delivery industry, and continue to dominate both nationally and internationally. 

But what is the reality of FedEx innovating like the rest of the big fish?

FedEx Stuck on DRO 

FedEx uses DRO, or ‘Dynamic Route Optimization,’ software. Released in 2019, FedEx drivers were hoping it would be a revolutionary tool like Amazon’s ‘Rabbit.’ 

But since DRO has been released, it’s been a bit of a flop. The software has all kinds of problems. One driver said that FedEx DRO allows managers to assign eight hours of deliveries straight for drivers. No time for breaks or gas stops. Instead of getting packages out quickly and saving time drivers are overworked, trying to keep up with impossible delivery manifests.‍

FedEx Drivers Have Choices

FedEx drivers are not stuck. Many don’t even know they can look for their own ROS instead of dealing with DRO. 

The market for route optimization software is big right now, and there are countless choices of apps they can easily choose. Here’s a link to a comparison of these apps— check it out. But to give you a hint, the best option for FedEx drivers is Straightaway.

Straightaway was designed for delivery drivers, and that’s why FedEx drivers who catch onto the app will never go back to outdated, impractical software like DRO. 

Using powerful technologies like OCR and Machine Learning drivers are given the edge. FedEx drivers begin the shift stress-free. They take a photo of their day’s manifest, and the app instantly takes care of everything else. Route planning and sequencing are automatic, and drivers have flexibility. Drivers can add stops and rearrange. Unlike DRO, if they need to grab a bite or get gas—no problem. People are talking. Drivers who use Straightaway have reported to save an average of one hour each day they use the app.‍

Another perk:  Straightaway takes feedback seriously. Delivery drivers don’t have to wait for slow updates or a lengthy review process. Straightaway’s engineers are on call to troubleshoot any problems drivers face.  

Claiming Fame

FedEx DRO may have been considered a good idea for route optimization, but it’s already outdated. In order to save time and money, and the happiness of their employees, FedEx would reap all the benefits of a third-party service like Straightaway. It’s fast and reliable, and it’s custom made for delivery drivers like FedEx couriers. Who would want anything different when such a premium app like Straightaway is out there making everything easier?


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