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Female Hormone Imbalance Symptoms and Treatment

When you continuously feel fatigue, hair loss, irritability, bloating, mood swings and problem of infertility it means there is something wrong with your hormones. Hormones are the compound that affects systems and cells of the body.

If you are facing issues of hormonal imbalance then it is going to drain your energy, though shifts in hormones are normal like when you have your periods and ovulation time of the month, it can be due to pregnancy also.

Sometimes certain medicines can create fluctuations in hormones and it can be due to menopause too. So you have known about conditions of changes in hormones now let us discuss symptoms and treatments to balance these hormones.

Symptoms of female hormone imbalances

When your menstruation cycle gets disturbed your hormones become imbalanced mostly women have this cycle last between 24 to 35 days but irregularity in periods is very common among women. You may experience cramping and lack of ovulation your periods become too short or too longer than usual.

Menorrhagia is an imbalance of hormones where you have excessive bleeding and pain and cramping during this period. In this condition bleeding lasts for 8 or more than 8 days. Monthly breakouts are also a symptom of hormonal imbalance.

This is due to androgen which produces excessive oil on skin and changes skin cells leading to pores and acne. You may face problems with brain fog where your memory may be affected. You face continuous headaches and vaginal dryness too.

Treatments for hormone imbalances

There is this hormone called cortisol which instantly becomes imbalanced when you feel ill and take too much stress. For this condition you need to do some low intensity exercises which will raise the level of cortisol.

There is another condition where your periods become absent for three months and more this term is called amenorrhea even though women is not pregnant still no signs of periods.

Try to take progesterone to help you sleep better if you have low levels of progesterone’s your sleep will be affected badly.

See your doctor

Consult your gynecologist if you think your periods are irregular. When sleeping is difficult see your doctor he will tell you about the exact cause of it.

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