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Fill N Splash Submarine — bathe your kids with joy

Stress of the mother is often picked up by the child and he grows fussy. After nursing perhaps, bathing is the next most complicated job for a new mother. To keep the child well supported and cleanse him with the right temperature water is an art of fine balance. After the initial months, when your baby begins to support himself, things get a little easier. Around 18 months when he has mastered control over his body movements, even inside shallow water, is the right time to reward him with a bath toy. The Fill N Splash submarine is fun way to tide over the curiosities of childhood and concerns of a new motherhood.

With no assembly and battery required, even your 3-year-old could set this up. Find two yellow suction cups to secure the submarine onto your bathtub wall. Stick it vertically, within reach of your child. Then in 4 quick steps, watch as he effortlessly engineers his own splash-

Step 1- Pour water into the blue marine vessel using the plastic cup provided. Put the three yellow ‘canon’ balls inside

Step 2- Fill the water till the vessel is at least half-full

Step 3- Push the orange button at the bottom of the flap to trigger the release of water along with the canons

Step 4- Splash!

This roaring sound delights kids who love bathing and distracts those who don’t. What is it made out of? Now that’s a good question. This is a hard plastic tub toy which is compact and easy to clean. It has a mold free surface and requires no air drying. Features which you find missing in flexible rubber/ plastic toys such as the yellow duckies. A good way to store the submarine is by putting it away in a mesh bag.

While this toy is not for those who want their kids out of bath in ten minutes, it is also not for those who are seeking cheap fun. This kids bath toy ticks the box for an educational tool as well. The submarine encourages independent play and experimentation which boosts your child’s confidence in unfamiliar settings. The act of pouring strengthens his fine-motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination. Pressing the trigger also teaches him cause-effect relationship and the concept of water displacement. Playing with the floating balls also has hidden milestones for your child. This visual stimulus allows you to co-bathe, organize your next task at hand and even a sing a song all the way through.

Though the submarine is designed for independent play, at no point must you leave your child alone in the bathtub. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety recommends ditto. Adult supervision is required at all times till the age of six. Ensure your child plays with his bath toy in a safe environment.

You have given your preschooler a companion in bed, now give him one in bath. Channelize his energy inside water and get ready to play along yourself. Who knows, which memory from childhood will stay in his mind as your child grows into adulthood.

Product Link: https://www.amazon.com/Inspiration-Play-Submarine-Toddlers-Preschoolers/dp/B08S9QVXLL

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