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Car lifts, car lifts, truck lifts and motorcycle lifts can all play an important role in a home or commercial garage. However, it is important that they match the type of vehicle you are working on, the space you are working on, and the type of repairs you are performing. Otherwise, choosing the wrong type of lift will make the task much more difficult and even dangerous. Fortunately, as long as you know what to look for, you can find the right lift for your needs.

Comparison of car lifts / car lifts / truck lifts / motorcycle lifts

Beware of low quality, ultra-cheap car lifts, and expensive models. This is why it is important to buy from a reputable dealer. Otherwise, you could get stuck in one of the hundreds of fly by night companies. Some of these appear to offer high-quality products, but since they have only been in operation for a few years, there is no way to know how long a car or truck lift will last.

Another problem with purchasing from new dealers is that most of the products they offer are not ISO-9001 compliant. In fact, many of these dealers bring their machines from Asia and put stickers on them for sale. These automotive lifts are often well below national standards in terms of safety and quality.

The guarantee is another important consideration. Most of these low-quality units come with a one year warranty that covers nothing but the parts. This means that if you have a repair, you should call your customer service agent to identify the problem. After that, the parts will be shipped and repairs will be done by the customer. With high-quality products and reputable dealers, don’t worry. The warranty covers more than 2 years of parts and warranty, and we have experienced repair personnel to restore the machine to its original condition.

These companies have been around for years, so you don’t have to worry about not getting the parts you need in the future. Many of these companies continue to offer parts for different models even after they are discontinued.

Automotive Lifts and motorcycle lifts manufactured by reputable companies are less likely to fail simply because they have better construction, better quality materials and better welding.


Use and application of various types of car, truck and motorcycle lifts

Once you have identified the characteristics of a good car and motorcycle lift, you need to determine the type of lift that is best for your task. The applications and uses of the various types of car lifts and truck lifts are listed below.

-Portable Car Lift: This style is ideal if you want to make repairs on the go, or if you need a lift for a car show or similar type of event. It’s small, light and easy to move, so you can get the job done quickly and easily wherever you are.

-Turf equipment, ATV, and motorcycle lifts: If you are working with special equipment, you need a specific lift to work safely and efficiently. The motorcycle lift is specially designed for this purpose and is a great option for your favourite motorcycle toys. The other style is simply an accident waiting to happen. The Turf and ATV platforms are ideal for machines as they raise the equipment to a comfortable height while leaving room for work on the underside and room for replacement of the front head.


-Two Post Car Lifts: These are small enough to fit in a small garage or shop bay, but still have room to work in a vehicle. For heavy vehicles, choose an asymmetrical design for added security.

-4 Post Truck Lift: The additional posts not only make this style more robust but also make it more convenient to drive the vehicle inside and outside the platform, making it suitable for commercial repair bays as well.

-Scissor Car Lift: Both professional and amateur mechanics love this style of the car lift. This is because it can handle more weight and longer vehicles while leaving ample space underneath.

-Pit Truck Lifts: These are ideal for busy car garages and where space is limited as they are flush with the floor when not in use. It also has a large workspace and can be floor mounted or fully portable.

-Storage Lift: Single post hoist and 2 post hoist are perfect for storing vehicles of all styles for any period of time. Some of these models are completely self-supporting and some require fixation, but in any case, they prove to be a safe and secure option for almost all vehicles.

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