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How are you finishing your lessons nowadays? Is it tougher, because there is so vast a syllabus but too little time to cover? It is okay to feel stressed. We understand getting good grades can be a huge stress.

But the importance of good grades can’t also be denied. If you’re planning on joining The National University of Singapore or Nanyang Technological Institute, you will need perfect A’s in all stages. Singapore believes in being the best of the best.

What Options Do You Have? 

Honestly, there are no other options than studying minutely and continuously. But sometimes you can’t understand the tough integrations or English literature. This is where you need someone to help you out with these. But in a classroom with 50 students a teacher can’t get enough chances to give equal attention to everyone. No matter how efficient he/ she is.

What is a Private Tutor:

Private tutors are teachers like your class teachers are. The difference is they provide personal care to each student. Mostly the teaching place is the student’s home, so it’s way more convenient. And you can easily find a tutor in Singapore from tuition agency.

Why Should I Go for Private Tuition? 

There are several benefits to private tuition. Like

  1. Personal attention.
  2. More time to solve any problem or query.
  3. Spares you a lot of pressure as they give you a proper guideline.
  4. You can choose home tuition for a particular subject or the ones you feel weak at.
  5. Time convenient. Usually, you can choose the time according to your routine for home tuition. Also the days of the week you want to study.
  6. Cost-effective: Depending on teachers’ experience or your requirements you can contact someone within your budget. There are a lot of options.

What are the options?

Mostly there are local groups you can check out. Like in Singapore you have tutorcity. This is a database where you can find home tutors without any hassle.

Why tutorcity:

Tutorcity is a Singapore based tuition agency private database. It helps you to both find tutors and apply as a wannabe tutor. It acts as a bridge between home tuition finder and provider. It offers

– Over 20000 authentic teachers’ information with detailed niche or experience of them in a certain field of teaching.

– Budget-friendly.

– There are *tutors for every level, every subject, and every exam you need to crack.

– Prior interview: You get the chance of an over phone interview with the teacher before getting the contract signed to know if this will do your job or not.

– Teachers review: There is a section where you can post or read reviews about a teacher and his reputation.  This is an open section. So we assure the reviews are completely unbiased and authentic.

– Media fee: The media fee is totally on the teacher. So you only have to pay for the service you get.  No hidden charge, no extra payment once the contract is signed.

How to Find My Teacher:

It’s as easy as ABC. All you have to do is

  1. Log in.
  2. Fill the form which takes hardly three minutes.
  3. Fill your requirements.
  4. Get a notification in your mailbox with suggestions.
  5. Choose and get back to the table.

What is in Plates For teachers:

  1. Assured tuition offers according to your expertise.
  2. No payment fraud.
  3. Media fee is only taken after the tuition is confirmed.
  4. You can join as a full time or part-time teacher.
  5. University students, graduates, and professional teachers all can offer for the job.

You need extra care to excel at anything. For studies you have tutorcity.

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