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Due to the stay-at-home restrictions, customers are unable to go out and shop which lead to an increase in the e-commerce business and online shopping. However, this also increased the supply chain all over the world as goods have to be transported and the customers must receive it. The supply chain is the key factor that controls all the businesses around the world. With the happiness that it brings it entails a serious lengthy list of guidelines and precautions for on-time and safe delivery of goods in original condition. Secur-T helps in proper loading, transition and the shipping process fluently.

Cargo shipment by truck is very common and it might be used at any stage in other shipping processes as well. Any cargo movement to ports or docks requires truck shipment. As the process is essential it has to adhere to proper loading techniques.  Truck shipment is often used as it is very fast, making timely delivery possible.

Key pointers to load the cargo in the truck:

Choosing the right containers

It proves efficient to check the measurement of the truck to understand the capacity of the truck.  The packaging is the essential factor that contributes to a safe shipment.  Ensure the goods are properly packed in right-sized containers. Stack the containers properly without compressing them also without a lot of gaps. Make sure goods are properly wrapped and secured.  Ensure the containers are not overloaded likewise don’t overload the trucks. Maintain and distribute weight evenly in both the containers and the truck.

Weather shield

A major concern while transporting by truck is the weather, take proper measures to protect the goods from sunlight and rain, sudden changes in the weather might damage the goods. Planning to safely package the goods prevents damage by rainwater or sun rays. 

Training and Equipment

As much as you plan to ensure safety you need to train all the people involved as well, the personnel like loaders, lifters, and drivers must be aware of the safe handling techniques. Perfect equipment to load and unload is required; make sure your equipment has the capacity to handle the shipment load. 


Palletizing makes the job easy, place the pallets, and evenly stack the packaged goods with the heaviest at the bottom and also strategically place the goods of the same family in one place. Properly secure the pallets as the shipment must tolerate the speed and motion of the truck; if the pallets are not secured any sudden impact will damage the goods.  Stack the goods like laying bricks, don’t use pyramid structure.  Distribute the weight evenly keeping the gaps filled with bubble wraps inside the cartons. Labelling the goods is very important it helps to identify the goods.

Employ best truck loading practices, plan and strategize, and also routing the truck is very crucial. The goods must be securely packaged without gaps, along with loading goods, keeping the map in mind will also benefit. Using good quality cartons and securing tools like adhesives, tapes, and plastic strings will protect the goods.

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