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While taking a start for a new restaurant, keeping in mind all the important factors, one main thing to keep in consideration is the service styles. The service style is something really dominant for the appearance of your work. If you are straining in all the activities to make your restaurant at a high level, but serving food without any creative style of effort, all your hidden struggle will be in vain.

Various service styles are available and are used according to the type of food being served, when go for lunch in paddington. You cannot use the same style of service in all the places and for all the foods. Selecting the appropriate one for the appropriate place is a tricky task. But one must have experience in selecting the best one. Here we are presenting you with different service styles and all the necessary information about these styles.

A Few Prime Categories Of Service Styles:

  • Plate Service
  • Table Service
  • Platter Service
  • French Service
  • Pre-Plated Service or American Service
  • Buffet Service
  • Gueridon Service or Cart Service
  • Silver Service
  • Butlered Service
  • Family Style Service or English Service

English Service Or Family Style Service:

In this style of service, the food is served in large platters and large-sized bowls. Then, the waiters deliver these large platters to the tables of customers. The food is not placed on the table until the host checks it and approves it. Once the food is approved, the guests pass the food all over the table. But in some cases, the food is served to all the guests sitting at the table by the waiter himself.

No matter if the waiters are not very skilled and experienced, the main thing you want is a good spacious dining area and obviously an appetizing food to enjoy. But with the ease, there are some disadvantages of this service style as well. One of the main disadvantages of this style is that the last guest is usually not served with enough food as there is difficulty controlling the portion sizes.

French Service:

French service is a top-notch service with highly skilled waiters and servers. Not just of high quality, it is also much expensive. The chefs show their skills by preparing the dishes in front of the guests and do show some fun by their styles and dressing like wearing different kind of aprons and funny pot holders. Only the high standard restaurants mainly follow this service and give this service to the VIPs and VVIPs. In this style, the meal’s main course is served from the right side, and the remaining courses are served from the left side.

The thing that makes this service highly expensive is it’s top professional waiters. Not just the waiters but the decor of such restaurants is also luxurious. All the waiters are well dressed and wearing unique aprons. Sometimes, also wearing funny aprons to bring smiles to their customer’s faces, and it’s a thing that makes them different from others.

Silver Service:

The next style is the Silver Service Style, which is much similar to the French Service. The only difference between these two is the use of sterling silverware. The silver cutlery and crockery are expensive; only the high standard and fine dining restaurants use this service style. A few hotels and restaurants use electroplated Nickel Silver despite the high rated silver cutlery and crockery.

The restaurants portion the food in silverware directly from the restaurant kitchen. Initially, the food is served to the host for approval. Once it gets approved, all the other guests are then served with that food. Mainly a service spoon along with a fork is used for serving.

Pre-Plated Service Or American Service:

Pre-plated service is one of the most comfortable and widely accepted services used for serving the food. The servers take orders from the guests, and then their required order is sent to the kitchen staff through a kitchen order ticket. Then the ordered food is prepared and pre-plated directly in the kitchen. After preparation, the server places the food on the side and then serves it to the guests.

Russian Service:

Russian Service also has similarities with the French Service except for the expenses. The display and presentation of this service are wow. No matter what the guests have ordered, they will get each dish completely garnished and attractively dressed. After the presentation, the food is portioned and served to the guests.

The server performs this task of portioning and serving. There is no need for extra space and more servers. You can serve the guests in the best way using this service style. After reading all this, you may think that it will be costly. Absolutely not. The Russian Service is less expensive but much faster than the French Service. Mainly this service is best for the banquet service with a fixed menu for the guests.

So, what’s your choice after going through a wide variety of service styles? All the above-mentioned service styles are amazing with different specifications. Select the one that suits best with your working area. And amaze your guests by presenting the food in attractive ways.

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