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In the confectionery “MyBakers” you can order beautiful cakes with excellent taste and in accordance with the theme of the holiday. 

Finding a dessert in Jagraon is sometimes not easy, because only professionals can fulfill all the requirements. Skillful, talented masters of our confectionery work with love and dedication to prepare true culinary masterpieces. It is not surprising that the cakes made to order by the confectioners of “MyBakers” evoke admiration of all those present. 

We offer beautiful desserts for any occasion: 

  • Wedding. In our pastry shop you can always buy a cake for the celebration, which will be original and tasty at the same time. The multi-tiered structure with edible decor will become an unforgettable decoration of the wedding table. 
  • Cakes for women and men are desserts made with gender in mind. Craftsmen will create masterpieces according to your sketch. The price of the confectionery will depend on the filler, weight, and the complexity of the design. 
  • Corporate cakes. Unusual shape, unique design, the most complex elements for decoration cannot fail to delight at a corporate party. The content of amazing taste is eaten at the holiday to the last crumb. You can order confectionery products with delivery. 
  • Cakes with characters. Modern children are unlikely to be surprised at sweets, so the dessert should have an interesting design. The heroes of your favorite cartoons and fairy-tale characters from delicious mastic will delight the kids. Parents can choose the design, shape, number of figures on their own. 
  • Photocakes. For dessert, you can put a photo of the birthday person or memorable moments of life. This exclusive cake is perfect for any occasion. In addition to the photo, you can indicate the year of the memorable event and much more.

Original handmade baked goods will amaze everyone present. In the catalog, you can choose any composition that is distinguished by creativity. The cake can be ordered online by contacting the manager and placing the eggless cake delivery in Jagraon. The consultants will listen to all your wishes, help you choose the design, filling, composition of the cakes. You will be calculated how much the cake costs, taking into account all the additions. Price per kg will depend on decoration and ingredients.

Only natural products are used for cooking. You can choose any cakes and filling (glaze, light cream, fruits, nuts, berries). Our pastry chefs will adjust the recipe if a child is allergic to a particular product. The prepared cake will be a surprise for the kid, as it will be delivered to your home on the eve of the holiday. The cost depends on the weight and the products used. If you decide to buy a cake for your baby for his first birthday, it should be special, our masters will take care of it. 

Why MyBakers confectionery?

We offer to order the best cakes for any topic. Cooperation with us has the following advantages: 

  • High skill of pastry chefs. Extensive experience and qualifications of specialists guarantee the impeccable quality of orders. 
  • Decent level of service. Meticulous adherence to deadlines (1-7 days) and prompt delivery will not make you worry. If necessary, we will fulfill an urgent order. 
  • Huge assortment. You can order an original dessert on any theme that fits perfectly into your celebration. 
  • Organic products. The absence of preservatives and dyes in baked goods guarantees health safety.

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