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Believe it or not, women are the pillars of our society. Even though women are celebrated twice a year in the world, it still does not sum up to the huge impact women are making in this century.

However, going back in history, women were never appreciated this much. They were deprived of economic and social power, were not given proper education, and were rarely encouraged to work.

But fast forward to this century, there is literally nothing a woman can not do. This is because over time there have been several women empowerment programs set up to help women see the potential in them.

Sadly, there are still a few women living in despair, struggling with illiteracy, poverty, and abuse. As such, there’s a need for more empowerment programs.

Through these empowerment programs, you get to make an impact in the lives of these women around the world. Also, because empowerment means different things to different people, we’ll be discussing the different categories of empowerment you could give to women and how you can impact their lives.

What are the categories of women empowerment?

Again, empowerment means different things to different people.

As such, Women empowerment programs are usually broken down into several categories such that they can be beneficial to every woman or girl child who needs it. Here are a few places women are empowered:

Educational Empowerment

Over time, education has proven to be a necessary part of growth and development. However, there are still a few places in the world that are against education for the girl child.

This defeats the basic skills everyone has the right to – knowledge. Truth is, gender empowerment can not be possible when there isn’t proper education as education gives everyone an equal footing.

The importance of educating the girl child can not be overemphasized. So, if you’re looking to empower the girl child, education is one place you can do so.

Economic Empowerment

Poverty has never been an option for anyone. As much as people say money can’t buy happiness, the truth is, being at an economic disadvantage takes away your right to become empowered as a woman.

Sealing this gap gives you a leveled ground and control of financial, intellectual, and human resources.

Social Empowerment

This is one of the popular means of empowerment that’s often showcased in the media. Social empowerment helps to enhance women’s positions in the social sector granting them more purpose out of their homes.

This empowerment also helps women fight against discrimination not letting people of different ethnicities or disabilities get walked over by what seems to be normal.

Other kinds of women empowerment programs women can receive are:

  • Political empowerment
  • Psychological empowerment and much more

Traditional and cultural awareness

As part of the women empowerment programs essential for every girl child, traditional and cultural awareness plays a crucial role in helping not just the girl child, but the young child builds their self-esteem and develops a sense of identity.

Studies have shown that developing cultural awareness and appreciation at a young age helps to build a huge positive self-impression.

There are several ways parents can help create traditional and cultural awareness in their children.

Celebrating Holidays

Every culture has something they celebrate.  Participating in the celebration helps young children become aware of their family’s cultural traditions.

Parents can also inform their children about the holidays that are being celebrated in their tradition. Helping each child understand that their traditions differ from that of their friends at school.

Teach your language

Language is such a powerful tool. It can help provide insight into family traditions and history. Teaching your child your language has so many disadvantages. Studies have shown that children who are knowledgeable in language can understand family history better.

Also, learning many languages promises an all-around sense of cultural awareness and appreciation.


The future is female. If you would like to be a part of our growing community, then you can join us to change the world by empowering one girl child at a time. For more information about women empowerment programs in the U.S, you can contact us at spiritual essence. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

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