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Find Travel Companion in Bangkok and Trip Together

Bangkok is one of the most popular and attractive travel destinations for travelers from all over the world. This beautiful city has so much to offer to travelers like its tradition, culture, scenic beauty, and architectural wonder. Clubs, cafes, shopping places and food eateries in Bangkok is an adventure of its own and one of the prime attractions. For a trip to Bangkok, you need at least two weeks to explore this city.

It is a commitment that everyone cannot fulfill. And thus, it can be hard to find a travel partner in Bangkok. To find a travel buddy in Bangkok, you can take the help of social travel sites. Such travel websites will not only help to organize your trip flawlessly but can also connect you with like-minded travelers from all over the world with whom you can chat and interact. Read this article till the end to find out the best travel dating apps to find a travel companion.

Top Social Travel Apps to Find a Travel Friend in Bangkok

  1. Xoxo Tours – Xoxo Tours is a free social travel app that’s easy to navigate and comes with user-friendly features designed for solo travelers so that they can meet and interact with other like-minded travelers and locals from all over the world. You can easily find yourself a travel partner Before deciding to go on a trip with them, you can chat, interact, and know them better about Bangkok Bus Tours.
  2. Couchsurfing – This is the best website for people who are traveling on a budget. Couchsurfing helps you to connect with locals in Bangkok, who will allow you to stay in their homes for free or at a nominal rate. Couchsurfing platform has over 14 million users and can help in making your trip a memorable one. By staying at a local’s place and interacting with them, you get a clear idea of places to visit in Bangkok, things to do, restaurants to eat in and also get a travel buddy who will show you around gladly and help you explore the city from a local’s perspective.
  3. Flip the Trip – Flip the Trip is another social travel app that will help you to connect with like-minded travelers, backpackers as well as locals from all over the world. It has more than 40000 users and is available in 4500 cities that include Bangkok. This app will show you fellow travelers who are in Bangkok at the same time as you. You can then get in touch with them, meet them over drinks or dinner, and have a gala time while enjoying the beautiful city of Bangkok. There is also an option for you to connect with future travel buddies when you are planning your trip.
  4. Tripit – Tripit is all about making your travel smooth and organized, but it can also help you in meeting your next travel buddy. Use this app to find a travel partner, share your travel plans with locals and other travelers, and also convert your flight and other travel confirmations into mobile itineraries where you can access them immediately. And the best part? Mn You can get access to any travel info whenever you want as this app is available offline as well as online.
  5. Backpackr – As the name suggests, this app is made primarily for backpacking travelers. This app is a great way to connect with other travelers near you with mutual interests. All you have to do is create your profile, go through other members’ profiles, and message the people who seem interesting to you. There is a common room feature available where people can ask any travel queries and ask other travelers for the best travel recommendations and also which places to avoid.
  6. Facebook Travel Groups – Facebook is not a social travel site, but a platform to connect you with your friends and family. However, it can help you find a travel buddy for your next Bangkok trip. There are hundreds and thousands of travel groups on Facebook that you can use for this purpose. Just join a few of these groups, upload your trip details, and wait for other members to connect with you after viewing your post. You can chat with these members personally via Facebook messenger and try to know them better before finally short listing them as your travel partner.
  7. Travello – Travello claims to be the best social network for travelers that are available in over 180 countries. You can use Travello to meet other travelers nearby, interact with them, post your travel pictures, videos, stories, and updates on the app, and join groups that match your interests and also interact with travelers in that group. You can use this free app to make friends and share beautiful travel moments with them.
  8. Miss Travel – For wanderlusts who not only wish to travel the world but also form new connections while doing so, Miss Travel is the platform. This travel cum dating website connects generous travelers with beautiful travel companions. If you are someone who loves traveling but doesn’t have the financial resources for it, you can use Miss Travel to match with a sponsor who will finance these exotic trips for you. This site is 100% free for users, and you can use it easily to earn flyer miles that you can later redeem for free airline tickets, free hotel rooms, restaurants coupons, and even enjoy your entire trip for free.


For a trip to Bangkok with a travel companion, you can choose any of the above sites for this purpose. These sites will help you connect with like-minded travelers and turn your otherwise simple trip into a fun, joyous, and memorable experience.

Find A Travel Companion In Bangkok!

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