Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Finding love in Cab is a recent video by the short entertainment page Alright, the video available on YouTube features the story of two people who share a cab and develop romantic feelings for each other.

Although the “unexpected meeting” concept has been around for ages, it still manages to attract the audience to a video because meeting new people and forming different relationships with them is a real portrayal of life as there ever could be in a video made solely for the purpose of entertainment.

We as human beings are a social animal and the need to interact with people is inbuilt in our systems. The surplus of interaction with hundreds of familiar and unfamiliar people that happens in a day for a person is bound to start up new relationships with people or strengthen the existing ones.

Although the video is supposed to be a romantic video with also a part of it being a funny video, it portrays a deeper image than what we see in the video.

The insecurity of Gaurav over his stammering problem is one of those deeper meanings, as we are always led to believe that our flaws define us, and we need to do the best to hide them in front of other people. The fear of coming off as uninteresting and messing things up doesn’t even let Gaurav speak up during the first two rides, his nervousness is also to be considered but his stammer is the main issue due to which he is nervous.

The character of Urvi also bring another arc to the video as we see how she rebuffs the driver all the time and how she is the one who makes the first step and talks to Gaurav, this shows that the character portrayed by Kritika Awasthi just like all her characters over different videos is a strong and courageous one, which is very different to the standard portrayal of women in videos being fragile and shy.

Although the depiction of the app ‘happn’ is supposed to be a promotion of the app, it still addresses an important part of the lives of people as apps such as this one has made it easier to find people and know about them, the app also acts as a buffer between the two and helps Gaurav get over his insecurity and talk to Urvi without getting nervous like he was in the cab.

The ability of this video to portray love and connection with the two people actually only being a potential couple is something to be observed. Also, the comic role of the cab driver adds a nice touch to the video making it funnier and more interesting.

In the end, this comedy video is all about entertainment and how the unexpected situation of meeting in a cab and their shared love of romantic poetry joins two people together and builds up a potential relationship between the two.

However, the way you take, it is one of the best videos by Alright featuring a good and interesting story.

By Pooja

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