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Become Your Client

This is quite funny to say about finding the company which will become your clients. As per 5 years in the B2B Industry, I have been using alternative measure to find the new clients for our business.

And what work for us may not necessarily work for every business, there is a saying in Hindi, “Har Ghat ka Peena hai” Like you have to test every other thing which comes your way.

Let’s make this exercise as realistic as possible. I’ve read a lot of articles online, but I don’t really answer the question. It’s not about how a B2B company finds customers, but how your B2B Company finds customers.

All entries are valid, but many of the methods offered work better for one type of business / market than others, and it is completely unnecessary for a company to invest the wrong time, the wrong resources and the wrong systems. to his business model or industry.

It’s not “one for all” or “it’s a trend, let’s use it”.

You need to speak specifically when we talk about very specific industry segments or products, and especially how every company deals with them.

 In my personal case, here’s how to do it:

Current competitors’ customers

This is a great source, whether we source it directly from customers from other sources. Our customers’ competitors are our ideal customers. They are in the same market, in the same dynamic, the same process, the same approvals, the same production process, etc.

Inactive or old customers

Another good source is that customers are often behind schedule due to a dispute with the sales representative or a particular transaction. Either a bad line of credit at the time, or they were too small. Get in touch. Check your progress and your current position.

Events and exhibitions

Events and Exhibitions are a great source when it is an important event or very well repeated.

 In addition to a large number of potential clients that you can add to your list, you actually have the ability to meet and distribute your business card.

Often there are no buyers, but participants tell you the names of buyers or other important stakeholders.

Industry associations

It is also a good source of key players in a particular sector.


Very useful and important to identify potential customers and names of those responsible in the individual departments (purchasing, marketing, etc.).

Find out about the above mentioned aspects and measure them in terms of research, but capture and attract potential clients

I remember my friend once said that he worked in a large oil and chemical company to outsource a consulting firm and find us potential customers.

First they sent thousands of names.

Guess what our product names are or in the same industry, but while your company sold products in bulk, 95% of these potential customers bought cans a year.

 4% of the names were already customers or names we know.

So it’s a jungle out there, and people can be very excited about the numbers that appear in a first survey, but remember that you need to adjust your filters and criteria correctly.

Otherwise, the exercise will take a lot more time, energy, and resources than the value it will bring. ,

For this reason, it is important to test a maximum of five systems at this point and analyze the first results to determine where they lead.

  • Identifying the source the lead came in
  • Lead Filtration
  • Assigning Leads to sales team
  • Lead scoring
  • Constant Follow-up
  • This is a whole lot of process you have to work on in order to get deals on and as far my experience in B2B Industry, In order to client to come on board you have to have constant communication over emails or Phone.

What are the methods that can be used for B2B Lead Generation?

I’m not going in details, here as you have been reading hell lot of articles on this topic, but I will just jot down some of them and I will Categories them

Online Lead Generation Method

As the name it says using generating leads using the online platform like Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and so on.

Offline Lead Generation Methods

B2B Networking, connecting with the like-minded people who are in to similar B2B Industry. Procuring Data from the vendors, Again using the ready-to-use data for your business, there are company like Arishna Data Communication, where you get every business details like Business Name, Corporate Identity Number, Website and social media handles of every business in an single which makes you easier to connect with the clients easier, giving filters also makes this platform worth and the best part about this platform it is free of charge.


So in general it can be a mixture of many things. What is your niche?Do you approach a certain vertical? Are you a service or an extension of an existing system? If you are a service provider dealing with an annual contract, time is a key

Cold Emails or cold calling campaigns can be effective for some quick wins, but they can also burn a lot of potential along the way. If the customer does not watch at some point, all contracts expire.

However, you can buy a list, a manual brochure that is linked to your advanced search in the navigation. Social selling is incredibly important for good nutrition.

Whatever you do, follow personalized approach; remember that there are only two different sales and support.

Author Bio

Deepak Kumar Pandey was born and raised in the Lucknow (U.P). I am self-published Author of “A Journey: Steps to Success”. I am working as Digital Marketing Executive with Kap Enterprises which includes brands like Kapsystem, Best Call Center, Arishna Digital Communication and Arishna Data Communication and writing content for Best Data Provider.

I like to do creative things, and book review of new upcoming published write up and novels. I have also published some of my own Author Interview in Some of News Magazine and E-Papers. I am currently residing in Bangalore City

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