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Five Important Principles of a great retail interior design

For interior designers in Bangalore, the basic principles are the way we use and present the different elements of an environment. Knowing them allows you to transform any space and make it look fabulous. 

A big-budget is not necessary; the design does not necessarily depend on expensive objects and furniture, but the correct application of five basic design principles.

The right balance

For interior decorators in Bangalore,balance refers to the visual balance within a room. To be more specific, it is how the various objects are distributed in the available space. To achieve the right balance, you have to take into account the weight of each item and alternate between simple elements and other more complex ones. It can also be achieved through the shapes, textures, colours and lines that are used.

Emphasis – Centerpiece of the room

Also known as a focal point, it refers to choosing an object that attracts attention in a room. The focal point should be the first thing you see when entering; it will define the style of the rest of the decoration. It can be a painting, a piece of furniture, a fireplace, a window. To generate emphasis on that point, use other objects that make it stand out, that complement it either through shape, colour or others.

Scale and proportion in interior design 

These two concepts can be confusing, but they refer to two different principles. The proportion of interior design and modular kitchen in Bangalore is the relationship of an object with others based on their size. While scale refers to the relationship between the size of an item and the space it occupies. The things that you choose for the decoration of the room should be the appropriate size for the area they will occupy. But, there must also be harmony between them.

Texture & Feel of the room

To refer to the physical characteristic of the structure of matter is to speak of texture. It’s what it feels like to touch a surface. It is not like the colour, which is perceived with the naked eye, but it must be chosen with the same care as it can increase the animation and interest of space. Generally, you can create a match between colour and textures, either by prioritizing the variety of the latter in the room to be decorated or by opting for very vivid and varied colours using a single surface.

Window display

Retail shops work on one policy- “the first impression is the last impression”. According to research, a retail store gets 8 seconds to grab customers’ attention, while the customer is pondering through the shopping corridors. This is a brief period for the retailer to convince the customer to enter the shop. The window display is like a trailer of the movie; it gives a glimpse of what is in the shop, in exaggerated and dramatic form.

These five basic principles will give you lights to optimize your space and mount or redesign it more easily. Do not forget that less is always more and that in any case, you must see yourself reflected in that design, it must look like you, and above all, it must like you because you will stay there for a good part of your life.

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