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Recruiting is an exciting field. Employee recruitment and retention are hotly debated topics in the Human Resources department. In executing their obligations, HR services consistently address several challenges. Recruiting employees for your organization is usually done in crisis circumstance where there can be a high pressure to fill a vacant position rapidly, in a short duration.

Nonetheless, the expenses and effort of recruiting the wrong candidate for that position can have a huge impact which is usually higher than a little postponement brought about by ensuring you get the ideal candidate. In this article, we will highlight the key points which will attract and retain the perfect candidate for your organization’s position.

Here are the five guidelines to take you in the right direction

  1.    Well-defined strategy

The base of any recruiting process is a well-defined objective that represents the brand message, essential sources, target candidates and effective methodologies. Ineffective approach or strategy elements results in a waste of effort, resources and incapable hires. The best methods have the ability of moving as the economy and the interest in recruiting candidates keep changing.

  1.    Branding

The methodology with the highest effect and the recruiting strategy is organization branding, the way toward building your external image as an amazing work environment. By proactively making it simple for ideal candidates to notice, listen, or see the key factors that make working at your firm energizing, you can significantly build the number and quality of your candidates in the long run.

  1.    Data-based choices:

Base choices on eligibility, screening tools, and which candidate to procure on facts/data and not based on usual practices. Settling on choices dependent on target information takes out biases and helps the recruiting procedure to deliver progressively steady, solid, and quality results.

  1.    Competitive remuneration

While there are numerous approaches to expand your chances of drawing in and hiring the most talented applicants, offering excellent pay and benefits is a fundamental part of great representative recruitment efforts. A research done by HR services in Indonesia demonstrates that several people  leave a position for more pay, extremely low-salary employees will leave for more cash to make a decent living. It is essential that you know about what your competitors are putting forth their workers for comparative positions and ensure that your compensation and benefits contributions match up.

  1.    Technology and Integration

The recruiting process must be incorporated with other HR procedures. Those recruiting process that works hand in hand with other HR operations like compensation and benefits will deliver wonderful outcomes. The best practices depend highly on technology and in all aspects of the recruiting procedure. Technology and a new approach can improve screening, cut costs, and offer the organization with the capability of hiring globally.

To attract and hire ideal candidates in the position, organizations must have comprehensive and effective strategies that address these five key components:

  1.    Good internal management
  2.    Opportunities for career development
  3.    Work-life balance
  4.    Good compensation
  5.    Effective recognition programs

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