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Natural Toothpaste

It’s understandable to be skeptical of natural toothpaste brands like nano silver toothpaste, but they’re more than just crackpot remedies. Quality natural toothpastes are created with medicinal ingredients that have been in use for generations upon generations, and they’re tailored to offer a whole range of benefits in a single tube. Here are five reasons why you should give all-natural solutions a try.

It’s Safe For Kids

Kids are more sensitive to the sorts of chemicals that go into conventional toothpaste, and there’s a whole lot of chemicals there. Fortunately, an all-natural toothpaste is a healthier solution. Since they’re made entirely from natural ingredients, they’re perfectly safe to swallow. And they also don’t use artificial dyes that could cause behavioral problems in children sensitive to chemicals. Even if you’re an adult, you have an excuse to be cautious about some of the chemicals in these toothpastes. They regularly include ingredients that are active components in both antifreeze and hand sanitizer. Even if you don’t swallow it, there’s a risk of it absorbing into your body through your gums.

It’s Ecologically Friendly

Those same chemicals that make you look askance at conventional toothpastes end up down the drain. And that, in turn, ends up in the rivers and oceans. While the small amount of toothpaste you use every day may seem like nothing, imagine everyone in the world flushing those chemicals down an average of twice a day. Since the ingredients in natural toothpaste come from the Earth, they can return to it safely, and you’re reducing your own pollution in a way that’s easy.

It’s Less Abrasive

Many of the ingredients in conventional toothpaste are designed to essentially pressure wash the surface of your teeth. And while that’s an effective way to remove particles and stains on the surface of your teeth, it’s not necessarily a healthy choice for the integrity of your enamel. This is especially important if you have sensitive gums, as some of the chemicals in conventional toothpaste can actually hasten the process of your gums receding.

Even the Flavors Are Natural

Conventional toothpaste companies from around the world are offering flavors as distinct as coffee, cupcakes, and pickles – but you can be assured that they’re achieving those flavors through the use of synthetic chemicals. Despite not having the aid of a chemistry lab to manufacture tastes, natural toothpastes are available in an array of different flavors. Natural toothpaste also uses natural sweeteners like Xylitol, which help prevent the growth of bacteria in addition to making the flavor more palatable. While the verdict is still out, there are some signs that these chemicals can actually have negative neurotoxic effects.

It Covers All the Bases

If you’ve been to the toothpaste aisle recently, you’ll find formulas for just about any issue you might face with your breath, teeth, or gums. But you don’t need to rely on chemicals to get those results. Silica can help reduce discoloration and yellowing without needing to scrape abrasively at the surface of your enamel, while extracts like aloe vera can assist with sore or bleeding gums. They also typically use essential oils which can freshen your breath in a way that feels good throughout the day.

Even if you’re a skeptic of natural remedies, there are a lot of reasons why you should consider using a natural alternative. It can be a better overall choice for yourself, but it can also have a positive impact on the health of the world around you. Just be sure to read the ingredients carefully. “Natural” has become a buzzword in the industry, and it’s often used liberally and without authoritative backing.

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