Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

These are the days when commencing a business is the most challenging thing. When everything is so expensive, how are we supposed to run a successful business? You must have noticed the product itself is not that expensive, but its packaging always affects various brands.

In the past, when people are trying their hardest to get rid of plastic, many companies still used non-organic packages. Do you know why? When companies purchase custom boxes, they buy them in bulk. In this way, if we suddenly get rid of it, we could face so much loss. But if we work cleverly, we could always survive.

Now, have you noticed how many things we have to do while packing the product? Recently I watched a video in which the person was selling a 1$ product, but its packaging would be worth of 3$. Now, in this way, it’s not possible to receive much profit, and in the end, we had to give up on our dreams. But some people in the market know some tricks.


Packaging is an art, but we also need planning and tactics. Now, how could we lessen our packaging cost? What strategies should we use? In this article, we would be discussing the clever ways to reduce our expenses to increase our profit.


Properly Design and Manufacture your Box:

Most companies face loss because they manufacture or use huge packaging boxes. Now, we all know how much a role packaging is playing in our lives. And that is why packaging companies try to sell only the best products after a quality check. Every product requires a different box. In this way, we could keep it safe and secure from any harm. But other than that, the size, shape, and structure of the box play an avital role. 


You must have noticed that sometimes when we use larger packing boxes to store our smaller products, the item mostly gets affected. When you leave extra space for your products, they would move around freely and would become useless in no time. But once we use a moderate-sized box, we can observe how elegant it looks. It not only saves us space but also makes the product appear manageable and tidy.


Have you ever wondered why there are so many filings in a box when we receive our ordered product? All of these fillers are to protect the product from external pressure or harm. But it cost us a lot. If we were to use a suitable box, designed professionally, we do not have to worry about the cost of each box. Manufacture your boxes in a way that not only protects the product but also increases its worth. And it should also represent the product professionally and elegantly. 


Use Organic Packaging Material and Fillings:


Most people think that organic packaging boxes are fragile and could get crushed easily. But it is not true as many of the organic boxes are getting used for shipping. These boxes not only protect the item from external and internal harm but are also cost-effective.


The competition in the market has increased, and if we wish to highlight our brand and our products, we should utilize new strategies. These are not the days to use plastic or any other non-organic material. Some companies use organic boxes, but for fillings, they use Styrofoam. Now, by doing so, they change the nature of their case, and it no longer remains 100% organic. 


Now the question is how to make our Custom Packaging 100% eco-friendly?


  • Use organic boxes like cardboard, corrugated boxes, and paperboard.
  • Do not use styrofoam or bubble wraps as they are non-organic.
  • Use corrugated bubble sheets, airbags, packaging peanuts, recycle material like paper or newspaper.
  • Use paper tape as it is not only organic but is also more durable than plastic tape.


Consider the Product Nature Before Choosing a Box:


The nature of the box defines how long it can last under the weight. We could not possibly use kraft boxes to protect our fragile products. Kraft packaging boxes are getting used for food items. But for expensive products, we use rigid boxes. 


Now in this way, we try to choose what’s best for our products. And how could we represent them effectively? But there’s another reason. While picking a box, we also consider its price. We could not possibly use an expensive case for a cheap product. In this way, we could only face loss.


Using Latest Technologies for Box Customization and Packing:


There are various customization methods in the market. Each day different techniques are getting introduced for our custom printed boxes. And old ones are getting updated. We no longer address flexography as a letterpress because of its update. These days we could hear the term smart packaging. 


Smart packaging is also known as active packaging. And it is getting used to extending the shelf life of the product. Active packaging is playing a role in interacting with the product material and how to extend its life. But intelligent packaging refers to the change in the packaging material.


Use Reusable and Biodegradable Material: 


If we wish to reduce our cost and impress our clients, we must use organic and biodegradable material. Various packaging materials are getting recycled each day to manufacture new boxes. And other than that, there are many packaging boxes that we reuse for storage purposes. 


Organic boxes always bring positive reviews and ROI. Now use these tips and tricks to customize your boxes and get rid of extra expenses.

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