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The smartphone is not just a means of communication but also — a camera, camcorder, GPS navigator, and laptop computer, so it has become an indispensable device for humans. But sometimes cell phones create inconveniences. For example, when they ring at the wrong moment, in the wrong place. During a performance, someone in the audience has their phone playing. Such a situation would seem unpleasant, both for the performers and the audience. So some companies use cell phone jammers to block smartphones. A cellular jammer is a device that allows you to jam a cell phone signal. There are some tips for finding a network jammer. 

The first — device’s type

Depending on how the cellular jammer works and how it is designed, there are several types of devices:

  • Portable devices have compact dimensions and are lightweight, not exceeding 600 grams. They work within a range of 10-20 meters. They can be disguised as household items, such as a pack of cigarettes or a purse.
  • Stationary jammers are powerful equipment with a large action radius, reaching up to 100 meters. They are equipped with 8-12 antennas; you can suppress signals from any equipment and are usually used by large companies wishing to avoid information leakage to competitors.

Cellular jammer provides reliable signal suppression on different frequencies:

  •  3G and 4G devices that jam cell phone signals. It can be used for personal meetings or during important events and conferences, and the organizers do not want anyone to be distracted by extraneous calls.
  • The blockers, which jam the signal at frequencies 900, 1900, and 2100 MHz, will allow you to get rid of spy surveillance, as no hidden GSM camera within range of the device will not be able to transmit information.
  • GPS works on frequencies 1575 MHz and 1602 MHz, respectively, used by drivers who want to hide the location of their vehicle and avoid unnecessary control by their employer or illegal surveillance.
  • Wi-Fi jammer works on the frequency of 2100 MHz. The device will disarm any wireless hidden cameras and eavesdropping devices. Routers, wireless mice, and keyboards will not function within its range, so no one will be able to connect to the wireless Internet to transmit illegally obtained information.

So it is essential to choose the blocker system that will work correctly. 

Second — jammers size

If you plan to take the jammer with you, you should pay attention to light and compact portable models. They can easily fit in your bag, your car’s glove compartment, or even your pocket.

For large companies, the best choice — is station jammers. The system is installed in an inconspicuous place. It will protect business meetings. Information will be safe. 

Thread — radius of action

The minimum range of the portable jammer is within 5 meters. Powerful multi-frequency expert jammers jam signals at a distance of 40 meters. The content affects the operation of the device. The greater this value, the larger the protective ball is formed. 

Fourth — frequency

Each jammer works on specific frequencies, which allows you to jam signals from certain devices. Most jammers will enable you to suppress GSM, DCS, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, and GPS. You can choose a generic model if you need to jam 3G, 4G, and GPS. 

Fifth — a type of battery

The mains power stationary models. Portable models are equipped with batteries, the capacity of which determines the autonomous operation time of the suppressor. Some mobile models can operate in a rechargeable mode, which you must pay attention to when buying.

The closer the jammer is to the device, the better the signal will be.

At the moment, the most in-demand are portable, pocket-sized cellular jammers. They easily fit in your pocket and block frequencies within a 10-15 meters radius. However, there are more portable severe devices, jammer of cellular networks, with a radius of up to 20 meters. It has a built-in battery, which allows the jamming of signals for about 3 hours without recharging. Cell phone blockers only jam some frequency ranges. Other devices working near the jammer will not feel any effect on themselves and will work as usual.

Such jammers are used mainly to protect personal information and conversations in small rooms, cars, or on the road. They protect against hidden bugs and other eavesdropping devices. Also, a cellular jammer can be used in anti-terrorist operations, for example, to disarm detonators that a phone call can activate. 

In the last years, such blockers system mount to universities or schools. So students cannot use their phones during exams. 

The jammer works silently, and if you want to hide it in the office or elsewhere, there is no way a person can understand that it is on. It does not interact with household appliances, laptops, tablets, or other computer peripherals.

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