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Human beings are empathetic in nature and they feel multifarious emotions each day. Nomenclature has been done of the human emotions and each way we feel has been given a name like happiness, sadness, anger and so on. But do these words even if elaborately described do justice to the way you feel? Will you be able to express what you actually feel when you say “tears of joy?” Words are incapable of letting one feel what the other person is actually trying to say. They would understand, of course, but they will feel it deeply not until it hits the core of the heart.

It is so fascinating that a long paragraph said won’t have the same effect which a simple flower can make one feel. Flowers articulate the language of emotions and rightly conveys it to people. The enticing beauty affects the senses and makes one feel every word the other person was trying to utter. As many names are there for each feeling, more than that there are different flowers that exist in the world which are used to express different emotions.

Flowers assists to share the sentiments

Each relationship we share with others varies, and each one has their own essence. In some, one can be outspoken about what they feel while there are some, where words become difficult to utter about emotions. And for the latter form of relation, oftentimes the things remain unsaid. Flowers in such cases come handy and help you to cherish and celebrate the beautiful bonds without even voicing out much. The type and colour of the flower itself says a lot, and the soft petals of it holds the power to have a heart-to-heart conversation and helps bring people close to each other.

Flowers to express different emotions

Flowers to show gratitude-

The life we lead, it is shaped up by the help of so many people in our life. First and foremost, our parents, then teachers, friends and well-wishers. Everyone teaches us something or the other, supports us in the need of the hour, has been there and showed the right path to us.

To all those people in your life, expressing gratitude is a must. Flowers are the best way to show them how thankful and blessed you are to have them in your life.

You can pick up pink roses, tulips, lily, daisy to say how they have been a great help and say a ‘thank you’ to them with these flowers. Pink roses show appreciation and gratitude and you can send a bouquet of it from Floraindia. They have the best quality roses and other flowers.

Flowers to apologise-

We all make mistakes in life. Intentionally or unintentionally, we say or do things that cause hurt to our loved ones. Whatever may be the reason behind our act but after a point of time when our anger subsides, we realise our mistake. The sentiments you want to convey by then feels like too late to say. At that time flowers are the best mediator to carry your deepest apology and let the other person know how much you regret having said such things. If you can’t apologise in person, consider using this flower delivery Central Coast service to send blooms directly to their doorstep

Roses, orchids and lilies are the flowers that are mostly used to express your repentance. Flower’s healing touch reduces the hurt and the positive vibes of it creates an environment of understanding.

Flowers to say ‘I miss you’-

To the people we love the most, we always wish to be around them. Their company makes us more jovial, being the best of us. But we don’t get to stay with them all the time due to our job, career and other reasons.

Send ‘I miss you’ flowers to your beloved, parents or siblings and let them know how you are missing their presence. Stargazer lilies are the most famous flower when it comes to expressing how much you miss someone. The stunning petals of it carry sweet aroma which creates an intimate atmosphere.

Apart from that pink carnations, white orchids, and also roses are used to tell someone your deepest of emotions. The delicate touch of the flowers touches the heart of people.

Flowers to say ‘Marry me’-

No matter how much we are in love with someone, these two words are probably one of the hardest things to say. The nervousness that tingles inside, the uncertainty that clouds the mind, the consequences to keep overthinking and not to mention the excitement we feel to finally drop the bomb. Flowers are a must have to set up the romantic environment.

A bouquet consisting of 108 roses is said to signify asking for marriage. You can also take orchids, tulips, carnations or any specific flower that your lover likes the most. The rich, velvety touch of these flowers and the sweet romantic aroma they emit fills the atmosphere with love, affection and intimacy.

Flowers to express love to father-

This is one relationship where not much is said between father and the child. It has been like that since ages, perhaps because of the hard exterior our father puts in which didn’t let us be open to our emotions with him. But his love for his child isn’t any less than a mother. A mother is tender and always shows her affection, but father hardly does, and so the child grows up to not express much as well to his father. But it is important to let the man know who works hard day and night outside to give you a stable life know how much you love him. Purple orchids are best to give your father as it symbolises respect, dignity, admiration. It will make him feel overwhelmed with emotions.

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