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 “Are you hungry, order a takeaway!”

 “It’s time to eat, let’s take a look and order a takeaway!”

 The takeaway service has now become one of the must-haves for modern young people. The recent discussion on the current situation of the takeaway has gotten everyone’s attention. There are often take-out scenes in Korean dramas, and you’ll usually see a bunch of delivery guys along the streets of South Korea!

South Korea also has its own takeaway culture! According to the Korean food statistics, the demand for food delivery in South Korea has increased a lot because of the pandemic. In addition to calling for order takeaways, takeaway apps are of course more convenient and suitable for people who don’t speak Korean! So, what takeaway apps are there in Korea? In this article, we’ll have a look at Korean takeaway apps with Ziptoss!

Baedal Minjok or Baemin(배달의민족), Yogiyo(요기요), Baedaltong(배달통) & Coupang Eats(쿠팡이츠)


  • Baedal Minjok(배달의민족)

Locals often talk about South Korea as a “takeaway country” because of its service delivery model and the development of the Korean takeaway system. The Baedal Minjok(배달 의민족) (abbreviated as Baemin or “배민”) app is also the takeaway software with the most users in Korea. The color Tiffany Blue is its representative color. In November 2019, Baemin also launched the B-mart function for families with 1-2 people, where you can buy fresh ingredients, beverages, snacks, and pet supplies in smaller quantities, starting at 5,000 won. As for the function of Baemin Order(배민오더), the customer will be the one to pick up their orders at any time they choose. This will not only save the take-out fee, but some businesses will also give self-pickup discounts to customers. Customers can also confirm the location of the delivery staff in real-time to understand the delivery progress.

  • Yogiyo(요기요)

When going to a Korean restaurant, Koreans often say “여기요(here you go)” and other sentences when ordering a waiter. Another big guy in the takeaway app is Yogiyo(요기요). Yogiyo has a rich variety of restaurant categories and menus and links to convenience stores and supermarkets that also provide delivery services. However, the delivery location cannot be determined in real-time here, only the app information prompts. Yogiyo has a membership called Super Club(슈퍼클럽), where you pay 9,900 Won a month to get a discount worth 3,000 Won, and can be used in any purchase together with other coupons; There is also a promotion called Super Red Week (슈퍼레드워크), this means that every day of the week, the chain stores in Yogiyo will be giving big discounts to users who would regularly order a certain brand of takeaway.

  • Baedaltong(배달통)

The page design of Baedaltong(배달통) is a special feature- in the menu, you can see the picture of the dish, the price, the quantity, etc. to make it more convenient for customers.

Baedaltong has “Ok Cash-bag” points and various discounts. Aside from ordering food, there is also a service called “Convenience of living(생활편의)”, which provides the delivery of bouquets and gifts, cleaning supplies, and grocery items.

  • Coupang Eats(쿠팡이츠)

Small partners in South Korea should be familiar with the app Coupang(쿠팡). Coupang Eats(쿠팡이츠) is their newly launched takeaway app with big discounts such as free delivery, discount for first orders, rocket delivery within 30 minutes, no minimum order amount (for those who don’t want to order a lot of takeaways) and so on. The Coupang Eats app marks the distance between the merchant and the home and can determine the delivery status of the takeout in real-time.

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