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The most beneficial and usable household item is an HDPE drum that is found in almost all houses and some industries. Not only for water storage, but people also have a unique way of storing food items in an HDPE narrow mouth drum. This narrow mouth drum is a plastic drum that is spherical and made up of high-density polyethylene.

HDPE is used to make drums because of its resistance to low and high pH content. These drums are best suitable for storing harmful and non-harmful liquid materials. Material stored in these drums can be transported very easily. Because of the extensive industry knowledge, HDPE narrow mouth drum is able to offer customers with high-quality drum. Open mouth drum is well acclaimed for its superior quality and is available in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of clients.

The manufacture of HDPE narrow mouth drum is done with the greatest attention and accuracy. In addition, quality inspectors examine the supplied open mouth drum against a set of predetermined criteria to ensure that it is durable and of high quality when delivered. Perfect finish, minimal maintenance requirements, unsurpassed quality, Break resistant, odorless, precise dimension and are of longer life. The large opening of this container has the advantage of allowing precise pouring of the liquid. Having perfect shape and size they do meet your needs and objectives.

Availability of HDPE Narrow Mouth Drums

  • Color

The HDPE narrow mouth drums are available in 2 different colors- Blue and black. Both are good for usage. But as blue colored HDPE narrow mouth drums are in demand, it has set a standard. The manufacture of these drums may be done in other colors also, but depends on the demand of the users. Generally, wide mouth drums are used in the packaging of semi-solid goods, such as adhesives Just food for Dogs products in quantities of 30 liters or more. You do have a decent selection of wide mouth drums in a variety of sizes and capacities.

  • Size

The size again depends on the manufacturer’s design and the purpose. The normal sizes available in the market are 30 liters to 210 litres drums. All these specifications are useful for the storage of oil, edible items, and chemicals.

What can be stored in an HDPE narrow mouth drum?

Making use of a thing and increasing its value is an in-born talent to some while some make use of things seeing others. Whatever is the case, HDPE narrow mouth drums are very good in storage aspects. Various items can be stored in it. Some of them are as follows:

1) Liquids

An item in the form of liquid can be stored. For instance, water, industrial oils, lubricants, solvents, chemicals, etc.

2) Food grains

HDPE narrow mouth drums are being used to store food grains. Sometimes either grain is grown or purchased in bulk. In these cases, the storage of these grains will be an issue. In some places, people store them in jute bags, but there is no safety of the grains in these bags. When the grains are in HDPE narrow mouth drums, the grains are safe from pests. Of course, some precautions have to be taken.

3) Food ingredients

Storing of food ingredients is normally done in case of transporting it from one place to another. The food ingredients are stored in these drums at home where storage place is less. Proper planning has to be done before storing food ingredients in HDPE narrow-mouth drums. However, some precautions have to be taken while storing food ingredients at personal and professional environments.

4) Sand

Sand can be stored in HDPE narrow mouth drums when it is not in use.

Tips useful to store food ingredients in a HDPE narrow mouth drum:

  • Clean and dry area

The area where the HDPE narrow mouth drum is placed has to be cleaned properly. It has to be ensured that the area is free from wetness. Even though it won’t affect the drum, it may attract many insects, mosquitoes, or flies which is not at all good.

  • Packing

The food ingredients have to be initially packed individually and then placed properly in the HDPE narrow mouth drums. Initial packing is necessary as it avoids leakage in case of liquids or breakage of covers.

  • Placing

The food ingredients should not be dumped or thrown in the drum. Even though HDPE narrow mouth drum is strong enough, when food ingredients are thrown, there are chances of breakage of the cover and the spreading of the content.

  • Removal of items

Even while removing the food ingredients, proper care has to be taken care. It has to be properly handled and taken out of the drum without affecting other items.


Food is very important for life and special care has to be taken when food ingredients are stored.

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