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Foods That Help You Sleep – And What Not To Eat

Sleeping problems are never fun. There are a few things you can do to ease the suffering of a sleepless night, whether you suffer from chronic insomnia or only toss and turn once in a while. There are some reasons to believe your stomach can play a key role in guiding you into the land of nod: Feed it well, and you’ll enjoy a nice, sleepy feeling. If you don’t feed it well, you might have a bumpy night.

There are 5 foods that help you sleep naturally

There are certain foods that do not guarantee making you sleepy, but they can do much to induce relaxation and sleepiness, which could make you feel more sleepy at night.

  1. Turkey: Tryptophan content in Thanksgiving turkeys is so high by halftime that they literally knock everyone out. Warm turkey sandwiches are an effective way to access tryptophan, a natural sleep-inducer. It is vital to contain carbs in order for the brain to access all the tryptophan ingredients. 
  2. Warm Milk: You can get tryptophan from a variety of foods, including turkey, as well as carbs and other proteins. Additionally, milk offers a distinct advantage. Calcium boosts the production of melatonin in your body, a sleep hormone which is partially synthesized by the body from protein.
  3. Cherries: A healthy night’s rest can be achieved by taking melatonin, a natural sleep remedy. There is evidence that cherries or cherry juice can promote healthy sleep patterns by providing natural melatonin. Mathew from 10bestdigs.com also recommends this.
  4. Chamomile: Since thousands of years ago, this tiny flower has been used by people to ease anxiety and promote sleep. You can find them in the herbal tea section of your local grocery store. To aid in relaxation before sleep, enjoy a hot glass of milk with some honey about an hour before bedtime.
  5. Salad:The brain is made up of a substance called lactucarium, which is like opium for the brain. It appears that lettuce can help you relax, too, because it contains high levels of the substance. The leaves of lettuce can even be used to make tea to increase the effects.

Sleeping issues caused by four ingredients

Don’t undo your efforts with known sleep-busters after you’ve stocked your fridge with natural sleep aids. When dinner time arrives, take the following steps to avoid these foods:

  1. Caffeine: Before going to bed, it’s best not to drink coffee or tea, but keep in mind that caffeine also resides in black tea, chocolate, and several carbonated beverages. In the hours before bedtime, stay away from them all.
  2. Alcohol: While alcohol acts as a depressant, it also interrupts your natural sleep patterns and reduces REM sleep, thus ruining the quality of your sleep.
  3. Nicotine: People often ingest nicotine with a nightly cigarette, despite it not exactly being. Although smoking may seem relaxing, nicotine is actually a stimulant. Sitting up all night while smoking is no good to your sleep – just another reason you should quit this harmful habit.
  4. Capsaicin: Spicy foods and hot peppers contain high levels of capsaicin that can disrupt sleep and increase body temperature. Heartburn or indigestion should be avoided, as these conditions cause you to lose sleep.

Having learned about healthy bedtime snacks to keep on hand, enjoy your healthy snack this evening to catch some Zzzs!

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