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We all used to think of dogs as the most loyal pets and human’s best friends. It is still true, of course. Though, dog owners have to keep in mind that their pets are still animals, and their wild nature can affect their behavior. Over the last half a century, animal psychology has made great progress in explaining our pets’ behavior changes. It turns out there are many things that dog owners can do to make their pets nervous, angry, or very upset. Of course, this science is still new, and it has a lot to unravel. Though, you don’t need to be an expert to see when your dog is trying to take revenge on you. Any attentive owner will notice a change for the worst in their dog’s attitude and know about the symptoms of late stage heartworm. Let’s find out what owners do to make their dogs feel this way and how to prevent it. 

How dogs show their revenge 

You may be wondering how to recognize when your dog is taking revenge on you and when they are just, well, being dogs. Their revenge is quite easy to spot. Basically, anytime your dog starts to behave differently for a few days in a row, they may be up to something. By behaving differently, we mean a slight or serious change of character. They may become very disobedient in situations where they had never given you any trouble. They may start acting weird to you, like ignoring your call or not jumping on your bed to sleep as they used to. They may also give you some attitude while they are plotting their revenge. 


Perhaps jealousy is the most common reason your dog will take revenge on you. A dog may start to feel jealous for a number of reasons. The simplest reason is when you don’t pay them the usual amount of attention. Your time together is precious to dogs. They are huge attention seekers. So when they don’t feel like you are giving them enough time or affections, they will start seeking it in the ways they know. Usually, those ways involve creating total chaos or wreck inside your house. If your well-behaved dog is showing such sudden changes in behavior, it may be a cry for attention. So don’t rush to punish them. Think of what you might have done to cause this. Your workload or homework can wait. It’s better to write professional writers, “Please, do my assignment cheap for me,” and spend your time with your dog than watch them suffering from lack of attention. 

New people or pets in your life can cause another reason for jealousy. For example, if you bring a new puppy or cat into your house, don’t expect it to go smoothly right away. Your dog will most likely feel a sting of jealousy and will show their dissatisfaction with your decision. 


Our dogs usually treat us as we are their gods. They adore us, trust us, and are ready to do everything we tell. But we are only humans. This is why we are most likely to disappoint our pets a few times during their lifetime. It can be anything. You may raise your voice at them. It happens, you had a rough day, and your dog keeps jumping on you, demanding affection. You may put them on a new healthy diet, and they don’t take it well. And, perhaps the most common reason, you may bring your dog to a vet. And they may not like it. If they have endured any pain or fear and blame it on you, they will show it. They are not like us who would hold it all in till the moment we burst with emotions. Oh no. Your dogs will let you know straight away. 

What to do about it

First things first, we want you not to worry. Dogs are still our best friends. Even if your dog is mad at you for something, they will feel better at some point. The best you can do is to show your pets some love and affection. Don’t punish them for misbehavior. It is their way of showing you their emotions. It is the way to show they were hurt by you. Pay attention to any changes in their character. If you see your acting all weird and suspicious, it may mean you have made a mistake with them. The best solution will be to stay firm whenever they misbehave, but never emotionally. Don’t raise your voice or ignore them. That will only make everything worse. Instead, take it seriously. Change your behavior towards them if you want to change theirs. If nothing helps, seek some professional help. Animal psychologists can offer you guidelines and methods to approach this problem. 

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