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The gas meter is useful for calculating the amount of gas the residential and commercial areas have taken. This is more useful for the gas station biller to calculate the amount every resident consumes. The meter will be near the front door for many of the individual residents, but when you are in the flats or other apartments, the meter will be in the center. That is common to access all the flats. When you have the CHINT Gas Meter the first time and do not know anything about the maintenance and the other tips, then here is the answer. This will be useful for you to avoid any damage and know to use during an emergency.

  • Working on a gas meter

The gas meter is the machine available for easy-to-use purposes, which is why homes and commercial or industrial places find it comfortable. The movement of the gas flow will be read with the help of this meter, which means that when the flow is high, the meter will turn fast. There are two types of gas meters available: one is a positive displacement meter, and another is flowmeters. The displacement meters will contain the meters like the rotary and diaphragm. The turbine meters are commonly referred to as the flow meters, and the meter will measure the gas indirectly. But the displacement meters will do the measurement directly.

  • Know to read a gas meter

Both the analog and the digital meters are present for gas meter calculation purposes. If you have a digital meter in your home, you can simply read the number from left to right that is appearing on display. Then you can simply read the meter after a month and subtract both values to know how much gas you consumed for your home. Also, while reading the digital meter, you have to leave the numbers in the red digit next to the dot or comma symbol in the display. Even when the first digit of the meter is zero, it should be included in the calculation.

In the analog CHINT Gas Meter, it is always a difficult process when you are a beginner, so you have to use the following steps to read.

You have to first read the numbers on the dials from left to right. So when the dial’s pointer is on the particular number, you have to check the right side of the dial, and in that, if the number has passed zero, then the pointing number will be taken for the reading. But when the pointer does not pass the zero, you have to take the less number than the pointer indicates.

Thus for the meter reading, when the analog meter pointer is between the two numbers, the lower number will be taken. But when the pointer is between 0 and 9, you only have to take the number 9. 

  • Increasing the gas pressure

The changes in the gas pressure will be because of the manual error by the service staff. This will cause an inappropriate flame, and sometimes, it will affect the working of other appliances. So these kinds of difficult situations, you must know how to increase and regulate the gas pressure manually. Here are the steps for it 

  • You must first confirm the primary regulator and then use the pressure gauge next to it. 
  • This will give you the reading of the gas pressure. Then you have to check the pressure for each and every appliance and also the group of the appliances. Thus the checking of pressure for everything will give you safety and security. 
  • Open the regulator cap and adjust the screws to increase the pressure, and if you want to reduce then adjust from right to left. Once you have adjusted, you have to again use the pressure gauge to know about the constant pressure and confirm.
  • Finally, you have to turn off the gas and remove the pressure gauge, and then only you have to switch on the gas again.
  • Protect your gas meter from snow

It is not safe to have the gas meter covered with ice or snow as this will form th carbon monoxide and enter the gas vent or pipe. So for this, you have to remove the ice or snow that is present over it. It is not recommended to use the snow blower. It is always better to remove the snow or the ice that is present. Even during the wintertime, you should be more careful. It is also good to check whether the regulator vent is free for gas flow.

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