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Online gaming has revolutionized the world of game enthusiasts. As per the statistics, there are 2.7 billion mobile gamers in the world and this number is increasing with every passing day.

Research was conducted to know the most popular category of apps that people are using in the past seven days. 50% responded that they used mobile games and we can’t agree more.

Among the mobile game users aged 18 to 24 this proportion rises to 66%. This number is enough to validate that people are really fervent about online games, especially the youngsters.

India is the country with the largest youth population. The interest of millennials towards digital sports and entertainment has taken the apps world to storm.

Knowing the inclination of people towards online games, big shotguns are always developing fascinating games to allure the gamers.

As you start browsing, the app store or play store will load you with innumerable game apps. They can be divided into categories like action, casino, strategy, quiz, sports, simulation, board games, etc.

Let’s sneak peek into some of the most popular gaming apps in both android and iOS in India.  

  1. 8 Ball Pool:

Pool is another popular game among the Indian players that you can play with your friends and other random players around the globe.

This game has different levels and as soon as you start, you get the opponents playing in the same level.

Here, as you win you get all the coins against your opponent. Keep winning and keep moving to the next level with all the coins in your hand and this is what makes 8 Ball Pool fascinating.

  1. Classic Rummy:

One of the oldest and most popular Indian games, Rummy is never going to get aged or out of fashion.

No matter what generation it is, people love it to the core. And this is what enthuses the developers to explore the opportunity and develop an app for the same.

Classic Rummy is loved by the people of all ages. The fascinating thing is you can even earn some real cash while playing it. All this made Classic Rummy an evergreen and trendy gaming app in India.

  1. Candy Crush Soda Saga:

Well, who doesn’t know the Candy Crush Saga and its sequel Candy Crush Soda Saga? It is one of those games that are loved by kids, adults as well as oldies.

Making new combinations and accomplishing challenging game modes bring all the thrills and engagement for long hours.

The game comprises 140 unique levels making sure you will enjoy thoroughly and have continuous fun through magical game play.

  1. Ludo King:

Just like Rummy, Ludo is also one of those games that are played in almost every household in India.

Therefore, the developers took no time to develop an app dedicated for the entertainment of Ludo lovers.

It is played similarly like an offline mode where you roll the dice, move your counters, cut the opponent’s counters and make a way straight to the center of the board. You can play it with family, friends and random players online. Win and you become the Ludo King!

  1. Cash of Clans:

At present, Cash of Clans has made the place of second most popular games in India. The game concentrates on building the villages, raising the clans and using them to battle against other clans.

It is a strategy game wherein, with the right tactics, you defend your village from other players. The best part is this game keeps you engaged for long hours and entertains you fully.

You can play it with random people online for the real competition or make it friendly by inviting your friends to play. All you need is implementing the right strategy and the perfect tactical approach to make a win.

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