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Free Spins Rounds in Online Slots that Pay BigFree Spins Rounds in Online Slots that Pay Big

Where would the 21st century gambling industry be without online slots and the online slot developers consistently pushing things forward? It’s a legitimate question, not least because online slot gambling now accounts for over 30% of all annual global gambling revenue, and well over 75% of all online casino revenue. These statistics might sound a bit crazy, but it’s the truth, and as soon as you start playing a modern online slot game you’ll see exactly why! 

Online free slots no deposit games are simply great fun at root, there is no two ways about it. Furthermore, online slot developers such as NetEnt, Big Time Gaming or Play N GO are quite literally always looking to make new slots, with slightly different bonus rounds and features too. One of the biggest drawers for gamblers are free spins rounds in online slots that pay big. We thought we’d take a deeper look into the subject. 

Why do people love free spins rounds in online slots so much? 

For slot beginners, or even gamblers who haven’t yet dipped their feet into this monumentally exciting world, it’s probably slightly confusing why people love free spins rounds in online slots quite as much. Pretty much everything you see to market online slots these days revolves around free spins, but why are they so popular? 

Here are a few main reasons: 

  •         A chance to win money with no risk: By far the most enticing thing about free spins rounds is the fact that it gives gamblers a chance to win money, but no chance of losing money. They’re free spins after all!
  •         A great chance to receive some multipliers:
  • Another great thing about free spins rounds in online สมัคร pgslot is that they usually come alongside some form of multiplier, which means bigger jackpots are on offer. 

Key things to consider when choosing free spins rounds 

Whilst free spins rounds are certainly some of the all-time best bits of online slots, unfortunately it won’t be every single slot game that has epic free spins rounds. Take a look at some of the main things to consider so you’re getting the best free spins rounds possible: 

  •         Multipliers: You can have all the free spins rounds you want in slots, but if the multipliers attached aren’t up to scratch then they won’t mean all that much. If you really want to find a free spins round that can pay big this is a crucial thing to check first.
  •         How many free spins: Different slots will offer differing numbers of free spins, so if you want to find the free spins round that pay the best, you will want to also find the free spins round that gives you the most spins.
  •         How to launch free spins: In most games it is standard that the scatter icons will send you through to the free spins round, however it is always worth being wary of something different. You don’t want to be playing a slot that has an impossible to reach free spins round!

Slots with the best free spins rounds that pay big 

Here are some of the slots with the best free spins rounds that pay big:

  •         Centurion
  •         Thunderstruck II
  •         Gonzo’s Quest

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