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Since 1942, Freightliner has been a pioneer in the trucking industry, with a tradition formed by innovation and reliability. Daimler AG acquired the company in 1981, and though Freightliner has been part of Daimler Trucks North America alongside Detroit Diesel, Western Star, and Thomas Built Buses, this did not affect operations or production in any major way. 

Even those who have to look for used Freightliner semi trucks for sale can rest easy, because these trucks were built to last and one can expect a truck to still perform reasonably well after, say, five years. So what sets Freightliner semi trucks apart, and who can benefit from them? 

High Visibility

No one wants to get a call stating one of their trucks just caused an accident while on a delivery. That’s why Freightliner designed their truck models with visibility in mind. The M2 106, for example, has a windshield that’s 2,500 sq. in. for best-in-class overall visibility, as well as a downward-sloping hood for better line of sight.

Better Fuel Economy

Freightliner trucks run on Detroit engines, one model of which features a variable-speed fan and advanced cooling system to help churn out more miles per gallon. Whichever Freightliner truck you use, if it still uses the original engine you can be sure of superior fuel economy. 

Not only will you be spending less on fuel for each trip that truck makes, but that same truck will be on the road for longer, and that means you – or your driver – will get more done in a day. 

Driver Comfort

Discomfort can affect how well you drive, no matter how far you’re going. It can also add to fatigue, which affects driving skills even more. Freightliner designed their trucks to dampen outside noise and minimize vibration as much as possible, so when you or your driver are out making deliveries, the ride is as smooth as can be. Plus, when whoever’s driving needs to take a break, they can get a much-needed nap since any noise outside won’t bother them. 

Who Benefits? 

Put simply, your business and anyone you cater to can benefit from your having a Freightliner semi truck. 

Your customers benefit because they get the goods they paid for delivered to them, in good time and in good condition – no matter what it is they ordered. This means that, whatever they plan for those delivered goods, it won’t be affected because of late deliveries. For instance, if you deliver beverages to several restaurants, they can count on having enough stock at any given time.

If you employ a driver – or several drivers – they can benefit from using a Freightliner truck. No matter how far they have to drive and for how long, they’ll be comfortable the whole way. They won’t suffer from fatigue, either, because they’ll be able to sleep in the cab without issue. Finally, as a business owner, you’ll benefit, too. First, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your driver and those around them are in no danger from vehicle accidents. Second, there’s the network of happy customers you can build, thanks to reliability. Third, there’s the money you save in both the short and long term.

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