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Electric bikes are the recent innovations of the 2020s that took the market by storm. Amidst the rising prices of petroleum and other commodities, people started looking for a sustainable option that would save them from the hassles of operating vehicles. 

Since electric bikes came into the fray, people have been curious about their know-how. While some wanted to try the thing out with enthusiasm, some remained sceptical about its performance standards. A lot of questions revolved around people’s minds about this innovative option. 

Here we brought together some of the frequently asked questions about no pedal Ebike that people seek answers to. Let us have a look at them;


  • Does rain affect an e-bike’s functionality? 

While some people might feel that rain or vicinity to water might harm its operations, such assumptions are wrong. Electric bikes have a higher resilience than imagined. The build of such bikes ensures that the water gets diverted from the electric machinery in the bikes, especially the battery and wirings. Ensure that you go for a higher quality build that allows you to ride hassle-free amidst heavy rain.


  • Will it work without a pedal?

While some electric bikes have a pedal attached to support the charge, pedal-free e-bike run on electric charges. You must charge your bike at the end of the day for it to run for around 75 to 100kms the next day.


  • How should I wash my e-bike?

When it comes to electric bikes, opt for the conventional method of a bucket full of water and a rag. The minimal water usage guided by the cleaning agent is sufficient to give your bike a cleaner look. While some people think of using pressure water and water pipes for cleaning, it is against the advisory. The pressure water can quicken the wearing out of ball bearings and inflict damage on the motors, batteries, and other electrical elements in the bike. While washing ensures that the charge port gets disconnected.


  • Is there any need for insurance?

There is no mandate about insurance requirements for electric bikes. The electric bikes come under the purview of normal bikes and not conventional petrol bikes. While there might be no compulsion for insurance, you can do it for your bike’s safety. There are special bike insurers who will insure your bike. Once the insurance runs successfully, you won’t need to worry about the bike’s high cost or theft.


  • Do I need a licence for my e-bike?

Riding electric bikes requires no licence. You can ride it on any road without the fear of getting caught for a fine.


  • Why are electric bikes so costly?

The best technology and electrical equipment go into the making of electric bikes. The motors and batteries come with additional costs that increase the prices of the bike. Such equipment is of higher quality and ensures that the bike sustains the test of time and continues to provide unparalleled service. 


  • Are electric bikes more cost-effective than conventional bikes?

Some people feel that electric bikes are not as cost-efficient as conventional petrol bikes due to their high prices. Such perceptions are wrong as the expenditure does not stop buying the bike. Considering a conventional bike, the buying prices might be less, but the associated maintenance and repairing costs are a burden. The rising prices of petrol make people reconsider before every refuelling.

Conversely, electric bikes have a minimal maintenance cost. The only major cost is behind charging the bike after the day’s use. 


  • How much distance can an electric bike cover?

Electric bikes come with a battery backup that facilitates 75 to 100 km riding. Such metrics are variable depending on the road and type of riding. When you are going uphill, the battery consumption will increase by manifolds. Here, increasing assistance for pillion riders will increase the burden on the battery and increase its consumption. A flatter road will aid in converting the battery more.


  • How fast can you ride them?

Most electric bikes run at the highest of 28 km/h. 


The above questions will help in resolving a lot of doubts. Before purchasing a bike, consider all the possibilities for better judgement. 


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