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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Mid Strength Beer in Australia

Australia is an island continent that is geographically located in Oceania. The Indian Ocean borders it to the west and the South Pacific Ocean to the east. Australia is a diverse country, and one of the largest in the world, with a total land area of approximately 7.6 million square kilometres. Mainland Australia has a wide variety of landscapes.

Australia is composed of highly-urbanized cities with bustling local economies, thanks to its business industries. One of the great contributors to the country’s economy is the beer manufacturing industry. More than 12% of the country’s estimated population of 23.6 million inhabitants prefer beer, such as mid strength beer australia, as their beverage of choice.

What Exactly is Mid Strength Beer?

Beers in other countries are mostly categorized according to their calorie content. This is why most “light” beers outside Australia are known to have lesser calories. The classification for some beers in Australia is different because it is categorized according to Alcohol By Volume (ABV).

Full strength beers have high alcohol content, which is typically around 4.5%. In contrast, there are beers known as “Zero Alcohol,” which is the exact opposite of full-strength beers because they have do not have any alcohol content. Mid strength beer is somewhere in the middle as it contains some alcohol content—typically 3.5% ABV—but is lighter compared to full strength beers.

What Is So Special About Mid Strength Beer?

If you want a beer that offers a clean and crisp flavour that produces little to no aftertaste, then mid-strength beer Australia is something that you should try. Beers that belong in this category are amazing beverages as they offer a full-flavoured beer taste that is not heavy on the stomach and will not make you drunk in a short amount of time.

Some mid-strength beers also have special features, which include label changes according to temperature. This is extremely helpful, so you already know if your beverage is in its ideal drinking temperature. For instance, some mid-strength beers have silver labels, and when the right temperature is reached, it becomes blue.

How Popular is Mid Strength Beer?

The consumption of mid-strength beer among Australians has remained high for the last several years. According to reports, the female adult population has an alcohol consumption of around 70%, while the male adult population has an alcohol consumption of approximately 80%, every year.

Reports have also shown that Australians prefer drinking mid-strength beer over other alcoholic beverages, such as wine, whiskey, gin, and the like. Projected data has shown that alcohol consumption is not expected to decrease in the coming years, and will remain high for Australia’s adult population.

Can I Drink Mid Strength Beer If I’m Going to Drive?

According to an article by the Western Australia Police Force, it is considered an offence if you drive while your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is 0.05 or above. This is because alcohol impairs an individual’s ability to drive carefully and endangers public safety. Fortunately, you can still drive if you drink mid-strength beer.

For your BAC to remain below 0.05, all you have to do is drink no more than two mid strength beer bottles in the first hour of drinking, and one per hour after that. This is the general rule for men of average size, as BAC levels can vary significantly from person to person.


Beer is one of the most in-demand products in the country, and mid strength beer is one of the favourites among the different categories of alcoholic beverages. You can never go wrong in giving it a try because it offers the richest taste. Head to the nearest liquor store or check out a reputable online seller today, and enjoy a mid-strength beer while relaxing.

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