Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

ShaneBaggs whose real name is Oshane Martin born January 16th 1996, in Jamaica is an Entrepreneur owning couple business including an cleaning company call Jamon Clean Service and his restaurant he called Shane’s Shack. His Jamaican restaurant is the first in Lexington, KY bringing the first real Caribbean food to the city. ShaneBaggs had a very hustling ambition he even owns clothing brands he designed. ShaneBaggs is on his way to be an millionaire. He’s still releasing music with great energy. The hit couple song “Trendsetter” really sets the mode when you #CoupleGoals.

Shane Martin is a citizen of Lexington, Kentucky and goes by the name ShaneBaggs. Hard work is important to him, which is why he owns a Jamaican food truck and two other small businesses. It took him quite a while to gain fame, and he was criticized for a lot of things he did. He released his first project in 2019, and it quickly went viral, receiving a lot of attention, but also receiving a lot of criticism. The more recent criticism of his work has not deterred his fans from applauding him.

It motivates Oshane when he thinks about all of the people he’s helped and all of the people who enjoy his music. The criticisms he receives just means that there will be more haters when he becomes famous. Oshane has always wanted to be the center of attention, but they also believe that they won’t like the consequences if they do that. Oshane’s goal is to serve as a source of inspiration for others because deep down in his heart, he knows that his situation will work out.

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