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The corporate sector tries to find new ways to better integrate the employees into the functioning of the organization. It is only when the employees have a true attachment with the company that they can be expected to give their best. For those working in teams, it is imperative that they should share a healthy relation with their teammates for an effortless functioning of the unit. You can check the list of trivia questions and answers that you can use as virtual team building activity.

When the organization does things to make the employees happy, the employees in return reach their peak performance. Corporate team building activities have, off late, proved to be of great benefit for the management and the employees alike.

What are corporate team building activities?

Corporate team building activities are activities which are strategically designed to improve interaction and coordination between the different team members of an organization. These activities can include group activities or fun games, things that would require the individuals to work together to achieve their goals.

The purpose of these activities is to break down the barriers to communication that might otherwise exist within a team. Also, participating in the activities together, where they need to trust each other to complete the task at hand enables the participants to develop a mutual trust and bonding. Overall, it improves the teams’ performance in the work place.

Here are some examples of fun indoor and outdoor team building activities:

  • Treasure hunt

This could be a great outdoor team building activity, where the participants would have to be divided in teams, and together they have to solve the clues or puzzles that are given to team to reach the next clue, and to finally reach the treasure trove. This would build dependency and confidence among the people working as a team, it would push them to think together and arrive at conclusions, to make decisions together. The whole experience can be a fun one, thereby leading the people to enjoy each other’s company.

  • Barbecue and dinner

Barbecue or any other cooking activity that requires the entire team to participate could be a great team building activity. People could be asked to make their own special preparations, and multiple people would need to come together to do the washing, chopping, cooking, and everything in between. To make it more fun, there could ground rules, like one particular group of food has to be prepared by all the team or a specific ingredient (like mayonnaise for instance) has to be used by all the teams. This would require the teams to work together and brainstorm to come up with their own unique dishes and recipes. The cooking spree can be followed by a dinner where all the teams share their food.

  • Board games

This could be a fun indoor corporate team building activity. Here they could indulge in a bit of healthy competition, which is always good to improve the individual performances within the team. There are a number of board games like jenga, chess, carrom, boggle, monopoly and so on. The companies can organize tournaments and the participants can sign up for the game of their choice.

Such team building activities offer a relief from the draining work environment and they have multiple positive impacts on the employees.

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