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FUT and FUE Learn about the new hair restoration procedures

Hair restoration is not easy, especially when you can see so many companies making outrageous claims about their products without even having FDA approval or proper clinical examination. To arrive at a decision, you first need to figure out the fake from the real. For assistance, you can contact the reputable specialists at Hair Restoration NYC. They can guide you about the right treatment for your hair loss problem and help you get your thick hair back. In recent times, two therapies are mainly in use, such as follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Both these are modern and advanced hair treatment therapies for men and women.

How are FUE and FUT different from older methods?

Earlier, the hair transplant surgeries involved extracting the large chunks of hair from the dense growth area and placing them on to the bald patch. It gave a very unnatural look to the entire scalp, and as a consequence, people preferred to stay away from hair restoration methods. But FUE and FUT have been able to take over those older surgical procedures by providing a more natural and seamless experience that doesn’t bear any immediately visible signs of the surgery.

While performing any of these surgical procedures, doctors remove and extract follicular units from the donor area of the scalp. The follicular unit comprises one to four hairs. All the units are then inserted into the balding patches of the scalp in a way that mingles with the natural growth.

These methods are beneficial to both men and women. But since most women experience diffuse hair loss, transplantation can be a little difficult proposition for them. Anyway, the methods are for those who:

  • Have thick hair in the back and sides of their head
  • Can wait for the results to show up over time
  • Can be realistic about their expectations
  • Can follow a specific hair care routine post the procedure

Which option is better: FUE or FUT?

Although both procedures have their own merits and demerits, only a professional surgeon can suggest the best choice based on your hair condition, your expectations, etc. These methods are known for creating long-term results and have been transformative too with a few side-effects and downtime. So, you need not worry.

However, FUT is generally widely-used on patients. But if you have short hair or had gone under a transplant surgery in the past, then you can be recommended to opt for FUE. This method is recommendable, where only a small amount of grafts is required. Sometimes, doctors conduct FUE on patients who underwent a FUT treatment to cover the scar area with hair without causing new scarring.

In the end, both these hair treatments tend to produce satisfactory results. The only challenge is FUT can sometimes leave marks on the scalp. Also, you may have to wait before the transplanted area heals. No matter which procedure is recommended, you can expect them to change your life forever. Just make sure you consult only an expert in this field.



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