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Are you tired of being too skinny? You might have tried a lot of quick solutions but still failed to achieve your target weight. If this is your situation right now, then you probably need something more than just food. Yes! You read that right. Your body needs supplements that can help you gain weight quickly.

Do not worry about the side effects of supplements as there are a lot of healthy and nutritious products available in the market that can help you put on some pounds without hampering your health. Even you will find appetite stimulants like apetamin syrup, that help one to gain weight and improve the muscular ratio of the body.

Weight gainers

Weight gainers or mass gainers are supplements that contain carbs, protein, fiber, fat and a lot of other nutrients that support healthy weight gain. If you are too skinny, then go for weight gainers, and if you wish just to add some muscles to your body then you can select mass gainers.

The difference between these gainer powders is that weight gainer supplements contain more amounts of carbs as compared to mass gainers.

While selecting a healthy weight gain powder, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Read the ingredient lists to know about the amounts of protein and carbs present in the gainer supplement
  • Check out the vitamin and mineral content
  • The supplement should not contain artificial sweeteners and harmful chemicals
  • Check the authenticity of the brand and read the customer reviews about the gainer supplement
  • The product should not contain trans fat

Some of the best gainer supplements that you can consider consuming to gain weight: 

  • MuscleBlaze Super Gainer XXL
  • ON (Optimum Nutrition) Serious Mass
  • Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer
  • MuscleBlaze High Protein Lean Mass Gainer
  • Dymatize Super Mass Gainer
  • MuscleBlaze Gold Gainer XXL
  • MuscleTech Mass Tech Performance Series
  • GNC Amplified Mass XXX Powder
  • MB Fuel One Mass Gainer Immunity +
  • BSN True-Mass 1200
  • Big Muscles Real Mass Gainer

You can get these supplements from online stores like HealthKart, Amazon, MuscleBlaze, etc. Do not worry about the weight gain powder price as you can get these products at a discounted price from these online stores. The gainer supplements are available in delicious chocolate flavour and different packages. You can find apetamin pills also online easily.

Benefits of consuming weight gainer supplements:

  • Weight gainer supplements have a blend of fast and slow-releasing proteins that makes the products easy to digest.
  • Most of the above mentioned products do not contain added sugar or trans fats. These gainer supplements are a clean and pure source of nutrition that can fuel the body of fitness enthusiasts for a power packed performance.
  • The perfect blend of carbohydrates, healthy fats, protein and dietary fibers can help in gaining weight within a short span.
  • The glutamine content helps in keeping the body hydrated.
  • The vital vitamins and minerals can help bodybuilders to stay high on energy and enhance their stamina.
  • These supplements can also help in boosting your immunity and enhancing your performance.
  • The supplements also contain adequate amounts of essential amino acids that support rapid repair of muscles.

Along with a supplement, you will also need to do regular exercise and consume healthy foods. Stay away from junk food, alcohol and cigarettes. Stay healthy and eat the right quantity of calories to gain weight.

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