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Helmets are an important part of road safety for motorcyclists as they can prevent serious head injuries and greatly reduce the chances of death in motorcycle accidents. All this because our head is the most vulnerable part of our body when riding a motorcycle and the one that suffers most in the event of an accident. However Poe Unique Armor it is not just a safety measure because there are different styles of cafe racing helmets over the years that have gained popularity and become classics for their appearance and for the style and personalization they offer to the rider.

Total fatalities it causes:

 Since they were invented, they have completely changed the look of motorcyclists for the better and added an additional element that can be customized and used to express yourself.

Although in the beginning there were many motorcyclists who preferred not to wear a helmet because they found it unpleasant and disgusting, many people’s opinion changed when they realized the amount of protection it offers and the decrease in the total fatalities it causes. During the years when it was mandatory for people to wear their protective helmet.

Wear a classic helmet:

For many motorcyclists, wearing  Poe Unique Helmets a helmet became part of their personality and character, and what they once considered unpleasant and unpleasant was now something they couldn’t walk without. Popular opinion about wearing helmets has changed over the years and people have started to think it’s cool, whereas people today prefer to wear a classic helmet that looks exactly like the ones produced in the past, but with modern technological improvements.

Popular helmets of this era:

The history of popular helmets is quite interesting and goes back quite a bit. One of the best examples of an open face is the Bell helmet which was one of the first helmets that became an immediate hit for the company. 

This is definitely one of the most popular helmets of this era and the company and has amazing features that many serious riders love. This helmet is very well made and has the same style as the classics they made at the time with modern technology that offers maximum safety, comfort and protection for cyclists.

Additional protection:

Although in the early days people wore goggles and Poe unique gloves with their helmets for added protection from wind, rain or sun, after a while shields were invented and many people used them instead of goggles because they were more practical and easier. Instead of putting on a helmet, goggles and a handkerchief over the mouth and nose, all that was needed was to put on the helmet that already had a shield and was ready to go.

Shields served the same purpose of additional protection from the elements, but they also left their mark on history in terms of style and are used today for both reasons. Although today’s shields are made of much better material and come in different shapes and sizes, with or without shades for added sun protection for long journeys, many riders still add them to their helmets due to the classic retro look they add in the entire helmet. 

A vintage look:

They can be paired with many popular helmets today and give them a vintage look and many riders purchase them for just that reason. The airbag face protector is the one you read most touch a retro and vintage look when both are designed with various protectors for the head however, in addition to their appearance, we also say that these devices allow them to ride a bicycle for longer.

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