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Games for Fans of Euro 2020

The Euro 2020 tournament is coming to an end. The results are clear, the champions are announced, and the world holds breath until the next big tournament. However, the excitement of the football competition does not have to end right here and right now. Here we present you a list of games for dedicated football fans. 



The FIFA series barely requires an introduction. One of the most famous virtual football games has a lot of iterations. Still, FIFA 10  is one of the best entries and is unsurpassed by its contemporaries in almost every aspect. FIFA 10 introduces fast-paced football gameplay, motivating players to make quick decisions and predict the situation almost instantly. The graphical execution of the game and the level of physics makes FIFA 10 one of the most engaging football games at the moment. Use the best gaming headset for under 100 to get the most out of the game.

Football Manager 2012 

The Football Manager series gives players a chance to peek at the backstage of the football world. The Football Manager games are not about actually playing soccer but the management of football teams. You, as a club’s manager, buy and sell players, forge contracts, and make an impact on the game via substitutions and formations. The general scheme of the games does not change much, but Football Manager 2012 is the strongest entry in the series at the moment due to almost perfect balance and challenging tasks. 

UEFA Euro 2008 

UEFA Euro 2008 is a game dedicated solely to the Euro tournament and international soccer. Due to the nature of the competition, the gameplay in UEFA Euro 2008 is slower than in FIFA or PES. Still, it gives players a new, tactical challenge on a football field. Besides, the game features realistic physics of the ball, the weather’s impact on the game, and individual celebrations. UEFA Euro 2008 is similar to many other football games. At the same time, the neat execution of the little details makes the game stand out even today. 

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 

PES is the major rival of the FIFA series. The games share common mechanics and gameplay styles but provide a unique experience for players. FIFA was victorious in this competition more than PES. However, PES 2017 is one of the rare decent rivals for a contemporary FIFA game. The major edge of PES 2017 is a license for the two tournaments UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Champions League. These licenses allowed players to participate in something familiar and create their own results for the tournaments. Besides, PES 17 still holds the plank of quality with graphics and physics. 

Rocket League 



Rocket League is an expected phenomenon in the world of gaming. A crazy game on paper, Rocket League turned out to be one of the most popular games in the Steam online charts. The rules are simple: two teams, four players in each, play soccer with rocket-powered cars. The size of the ball and the field are respective. 

One of the most appealing features of the Rocket League is that it may give light-hearted fun and gives enough space for strategic thinking, creating refreshingly new experiences to the soccer games genre. 

Final Words 

No virtual game can replace an actual football match. However, soccer games series elevate the football spectating to a new level. Instead of being a passive watcher, you become a director of any given match. From the strategic planning to the flawless execution of maneuvers, virtual football games are a great opportunity to experience the favorite game in a new way. 

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