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Inner self, when you look in the mirror, the reflection we see says it’s time you open up for some change. But, growing up as a child, having an abusive father calling you dumb and stupid somehow puts you in a situation where the right path to a happy life seems to blur. In a situation like this, the ball ultimately rolls into your court to determine whether you want to be like the abuser or take the abuse as a motivation to become the best version of yourself. That’s the voice you hear from your inner self. Then again, making a change has never been an easy task. Gerard Grogans, a motivational speaker who went through a harrowing childhood, makes a good example of what it is like to have gone through the trauma and come out as somebody with a different yet better perspective about living a happy life. 

Childhood abuse does lead to some unpleasant events in the future. For example, if a child goes through abuse at a tender age, the chance of the child turning abusive as they age is pretty thick. In Grogan’s case, things went a little unorthodox. When his father verbally abused him, he made the call to never be like his father and be the best possible version of himself. Gerard was raised in a big family of five boys and two girls. His voyage of self-discovery is a constant reminder of how good life could be if you see the negatives through a lens of positivity. 

Gerard attributes his success to the life lessons he has learned along the way, both good and bad. Grogans is currently renowned as a leading transformational speaker, leader, author, coach, and trainer. The terrible childhood he went through has had a tremendous amount of influence on his life over the years.

As a motivational speaker, Grogans is on a mission to bring change into people’s lives. He doesn’t attend such gatherings for any financial gain or fame. Instead, he intends to help people suffering from the aftermath of prolonged childhood abuse. He has devoted his life to helping people overcome mental barriers and educating them through his experiences to attain their full potential and live meaningful lives. 

He took the route of living his life the way he wanted once he realized that living a meaningful life was totally up to him. On his journey to self-discovery and transformation, Grogans was able to establish six principles of making a difference and becoming the best version, which in return led to Grogan publishing his book, which he titled “The Blueprint: How to Recreate Your Life in Six Simple Steps.” His book is the complete ideology of Grogan’s mindset and ways of life that he chose to overcome the childhood trauma he went through. For readers with similar pasts like Grogans, he has pitched the six simple steps in his book for his readers to take note of and lead a happy yet productive life. 

Grogans now has a fresh perspective on suffering as a result of his childhood experiences with physical and mental adversity. It assisted him in developing the talents and strategies to help others change, design, and transform themselves. 

At Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Gerard spent eight years in the Army’s 82nd Special Operations Airborne Division. Upon completing his military services before age 50, Gerard earned a Ph.D. in metaphysical psychology, a bachelor’s degree in sacred theology, and a bachelor’s degree in general psychology. For more than 15 years, Gerard has been recognized as the best salesperson in three industries. For over 15 years, Gerard worked as a sales professional and was constantly identified in the top 1% in three other sectors. 

Gerard Grogans remembers going to church with his grandmother when he was ten years old and being fascinated by how the preacher could drive a congregation into an emotional frenzy simply by using the power of his words and wondering how he could learn to do the same. 

 Gerard Grogans then founded Master Speakers Academy and Total Transformation Leadership Academy. An online training platform for authors, speakers, coaches, and trainers who want to understand how the greats build their message, establish their voice, and talk openly and authoritatively on stage.

He has touched on many elements of life in his book, The Blueprint, outlining strategies to live a prosperous existence. He represents the events that lead to unfavorable circumstances, such as earlier failures, traumatic situations, words of discouragement from others, and personal limiting beliefs that hinder creativity and steal gifts. People are drawn into a slow-burning trap of worry, misery, and self-doubt.

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