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As time moves on our lives change and so our needs and wants from our home, is it big enough for a bigger family, or more outdoor space. Even just recently with covid, the amount of people who work from home has increased massively.

For many, the solution is to move home, to gain that extra space, for that extra bedroom, bathroom or office but do you really need to? Could there be space solutions, that with a bit of home improvement, could mean staying put in your existing abode?

Consideration could be to get quotes from local and national tradespeople, where they can look at loft conversions, garage conversions, or even an extension to your home. A typical UK destination for this is, as well as

What These Tradespeople Would Do

These tradespeople will both plan and give quotes on the work they can do without any commitment on our part. Although it would be a consideration, to be honest at the point where you do not intend to continue, so as not to waste valuable time.

With quotes in hand, comparisons can be made with moving home, including estate agent, solicitor, and moving costs against the benefit of the new home. Remember home improvement will add more value to your existing home, although it is fair to say maybe not as much as the project’s overall cost.

Another benefit of getting free quotes on space projects of your home is understanding what you cannot do. Take a loft extension, for example, taking away the structure of the roof is not advisable, so a builder can tell you what you can and can’t do without rebuilding.

False Economy Not To Do Other Projects At Same Time

As a builder will often tell you, when ripping up floorboards and knocking down walls, there are often opportunities to fix other things that need doing with your home. Fixing the plumbing pipes, installing that central heating, etc. It may be cheaper to do these things at the same time as the building work is being done, with better access and have all the upheaval at once. Leaving these important jobs to another time, where the floorboards must be lifted again, or room needs re-decorated, could be a false economy.

Moving home has been described as one of the most stressful things you can do, not to mention the inherent risks of new neighbors, new schools, etc. So, can improving the space within your home be the better solution.

Extending Your Home

If space cannot be found within the existing structure another solution would be to extend your home, say across a garage or into a garden space owned by you. These projects almost always require some sort of planning permission. Employing a professional not only to cost the project but to ensure the correct applications are made with the local authorities would be essential.

Extending your home could mean starting with a blank canvas and creating space matching your dream life and activities, rather than accepting what new house is on the market at that time.

But even with all the upheaval and pressure, this still could be a better option than moving home, especially if you happy with the area in which you live.

The summary is to check out the local trade professionals and get quotes based on how you would like your home to be before buying it new.If only to know all the options, such as a fence from the best security fence company.

In some cases, a new house will be the solution, but at least you will know that all avenues have been explored and the right decision has been made.

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