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Have your carpet’s fifty shades of gray faded away recently But can’t invest decent bucks on cleaning?Fear not!Without wasting the valuable penny from the wallet, you can clean your tufted or woven carpet at home.

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Sounds great?

Yes, buddy, we are here with some simple hacks to get a glossy carpet. And the good news is you don’t need any tools or many accessories to clean the carpet. So how to clean your carpet without a machine?

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3 Easiest and Cheapest Way to Clean Carpet

It’s pretty normal that after a certain period, your rugs or carpet will become dirty. The Scenario can be worse if you have children or pets with you.

Let’s face it!Image result for shiny carpet

We all want a fresh clean up home. Also, you want to clean without spending much money and so wondering how to clean carpet yourself? How to clean the carpet at home?

Don’t worry. We are here with three different methods to get a clean carpet. You can try any of them or can fusion it. Pick the one you are comfortable enough. So have a look.

  • Method 1: Get a deep clean with natural ingredients
  • Method 2: dry cleaning your rugs and carpet

Method 1: Get a Deep Clean With Natural Ingredients

Throw away those bullshit machines and clean your carpet naturally.

Just like back to Mother Nature.

Yes, you heard it right. Definitely, it’s the best practice. In fact, the chemicals of cleaning product are quite strong for sensitive people. Rather than spending bucks for the machine, why not you try this easy method with the organic products. Let’s see the easy way to clean carpets by hand.

Baking soda: When it comes to cleaning something, soda is amazing. Just a little amount can make a magical result.

How to clean carpet with baking soda?

Simply cover the dirty area in baking soda, wait an hour. It will do the rest, absorbed the stain without any cleaning.

Not only for carpet cleaning but is it also magical for general cleaning. It’s highly effective for removing wine and blood stain. We recommend rubbing it rather than scrub.

Vinegar: Well, to be honest, the method of cleaning the carpet with vinegar will be time-consuming and labor-intensive. So you have to be patient.

Make a solution of three parts of water, and one part distilled vinegar. Then, spray the mixture into the stain fairly and leave it for few minutes. Now use a microfiber cloth and cleaning stair carpet by hand with gently blotting. Meanwhile, don’t try to scrub.

Method 2: Dry Cleaning Your Rugs and Carpet

Dry cleaning is another easy way to clean the tufted and woven carpet with some simple ingredients. Just follow the step by step guide and enjoy a shiny outlook. Meanwhile, it’s the best way to clean old carpet.  Have a look.

Step-1: Sprinkle Your Carpet A with Powder to Remove Odor

Liberally pour cornstarch, or flour onto the stain and carpets and let sit for 30 minutes to an hour.

Thus, this method is highly effective for area rugs. On the other hand, clean up it by sweeping up the extra powder with a carpet sweeper. You can use stiff broom also. The reason behind, It’s easier to clean these particular powders from a carpet with fibers.

But keep in mind you need to suck up the fine powders. And if you don’t like to vacuum or can’t handle the annoying noise, then wait a bit longer.

Step-2: Pick up the smaller debris with a sweeper

Sweepers are quite affordable tools which can simply run across the carpet to help pick up dirt. It doesn’t need to require electricity and are quieter than a vacuum. As a result, you can clean your rugs anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, Carpet sweepers contain brushes; need to be changed periodically when they become too run down.

Step-3: Sweep your carpet with a broom

Get a broom with stiff bristles; try to pick that one who made from broom corn. Why do we recommend it? Thus, they got self-cleaning properties. Meanwhile, it forces all dirt out of the carpet. Once you it, you will realize how handy this old fashioned broom is to get a clean carpet.

Step-4: Beat all the dirt out of your carpets

Take your removable carpets outside and then hang them over a fence with the spotted side facing up. Pick a paddle, tennis racket, or a sturdy stick to beat the dust out. While beating, Stand to the side of the carpet so that any flyaway hair get on you.

Do it on a sunny day and use a garden hose to wash away any excess dirt out of the carpet. Leave them air dry outside. Keep in mind; sunlight can fade away the color if it’s made from delicate material.

Bonus Method: Washing It Manually

  1. Before everything, check the label or its tag to figure out which fabric it is made of. Undoubtedly, you can’t treat all the material in the same way. So, first of all, make sure it’s material.
  2. Secondly, you are going for a comprehensive cleaning. So first, point out the stain and spot. While you spot the dirt and stain, blot them. Never rub them.
  3. Scrape off sticky substances like gum with a plastic serrated knife.
  4. Fill a bucket with water and use a few drops of dishwashing soap to make some bubbles. Then Wring out excess water to avoid saturating the carpet.
  5. Dip the scrub brush or a large sponge and use the mixture to scrub the dirt from the carpet. Start with the corner and wash backward. Thus, the scrub brush is better for control.
  6. Scrub brushes with a handle will give you better control.
  7. If needed, change out the water frequently to avoid dirty water back into the carpet.
  8. Once you’re done, rinse out the bucket to fill it with just water. Now wash the carpet again to scrub out any extra dirt. Don’t oversaturate the rug with moisture.

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