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Hailing from Corundum family, Padparadscha is one of the most precious and rare sapphires in the world. Its unique color ranging from vivid-reddish orange to orange makes it quite attractive. This beautiful gem comes next to diamond in terms of its hardness. Buyers looking for a strong stone to suit their personality can get it studded in precious metal jewelry.

In fact, it is an expensive gemstone and Padparadscha price per carat is equivalent to Emeralds. This stone has got its name from Singhalese term where Padparadscha means Lotus Blossom. The natural sapphire found in Sri Lanka is said to be the most authentic variety of this gemstone.

Best Suited For:

According to Vedic Astrologers, Padparadscha is best suited for Libra sign. It is well accepted as a modern birthstone for the ascendants born in the month of September. Astrologers connect this stone with the planet Venus due to its amazing hue and beauty. Hence, people in any of these categories can easily avail of the astrological benefits of wearing Padparadscha sapphire immediately.

Astrological Benefits of Padparadscha Sapphire

Undoubtedly, buying a natural and authentic Padparadscha stone online brings a lot of benefits to its wearer. Here, they are:

Strengthens Mental Health:

Many times, despite having talent, you do not achieve the desired goal or aim due to lack of focus. Here, this stone is considered apt for people who lose their consistency. It bestows ascendant with qualities like sincerity and decisive power to support them to accomplish their professional goals. People get recommendation and recognition at the workplace after using an authentic Padparadscha sapphire for sale. It also keeps away the unwanted thoughts and mental tension to make you calm and composed.

Most importantly, this orange gemstone is effective in healing the people suffering from inferiority complex. Those having big dreams tend to get such problems. It also resolves such issues related to socializing or speaking in public.

Accentuates Professional Skills:

Astrologers believe that this stone is highly beneficial for professionals and businessmen, especially women entrepreneurs. Individuals engaged in journalism, jurisdiction, archeology, etc. would get optimum benefit from wearing Padparadscha Sapphire. Industrialists and entrepreneurs who don’t want to compromise ethics, undoubtedly, must wear this stone.

Balances the Body:

Due to excess stress and burden of the work, people tend to lose their body balance. After wearing this stone, you can feel the extra energy that it provides you. It helps in balancing the body and mind so that you can turn your ideas into reality. Padparadscha stone also supports you to overcome your emotional weaknesses. This stone penetrates the power into you to make you control the emotions.

Treats Urinary and Reproductive Ailments:

This stunning gemstone is quite beneficial for people suffering from urinary disorders or reproductive ailments. The rays emitted by Padparadscha have that cosmic power to cure such diseases without any doubt. It also helps in curing reproductive issues and improves fertility.

Helpful in Depression:

Often, depression is not so evidently noticed in people suffering from this issue. It is slow but destructive. People go through a lot of trauma and severe mental conditions when they suffer from it. For such people, astrologers suggest Padparadscha jewelry. It has the power to heal such mental trauma. You need to wear stone in such a way that it touches your skin. Your body grasps the power and heals the disorder effectively.

Improves Immune System:

Most of the health conditions are raised due to low immune power. Low immunity not only makes you ill more often, but you will also lack focus and concentration in your goals. This gemstone has an ability to improve the immune system and simultaneously cure the psychological disorders to restore your good health.

Increases Leadership Qualities:

This wonderful gemstone is well-suited for people engaged in politics or any other high profile profession where you need to exhibit exceptional leadership traits. If you want to increase or polish your leadership quality, natural Padparadscha sapphire online is the best suggestion given by astrologers. It is ideal for writers, politicians, historians, archeologist, judges, lawyers, ministers, and other such high-profile personalities.

Accentuates Spiritual Power:

As mentioned above, Padparadscha is helpful for mental health and increasing focus. Both the qualities are quite necessary for gaining spiritual power. You need to concentrate harder to get your goals in spirituality. In this regard, this stone bestows the needed consciousness and astuteness. It stimulates the much-needed divine inspiration and opens mind to communicate with inner soul.

Invoke Meditational Power:

This is one of the unique Padparadscha wearing benefits. Being referred to as blossoming lotus, it offers optimum peace of mind and perfect mindset to discover excellent meditative powers. Padparadscha is effective in stimulating second chakra or navel chakra of the body. For the best results, you can put a loose gem on the navel or two inches below touching the skin.

These are some of the exceptional astrological benefits of Padparadscha Sapphire. Buy this amazing stone from a trusted online store like GemPundit, if you want to take maximum benefits from it.

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