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Refrigerator has become one of the important electronics of a household for many years.  People use it to keep raw as well as cooked food for long time. This refrigerator is also used to cool water, make ice creams and other types of desserts. It is a machine and many types of problems may occur with time. In such a case, refrigeration repairs are needed. Here are some of the problems and the best ways to eliminate them.


Residents can find water in the kitchen might have leaked through the refrigerator. Water may also be found in different cabinets of the machine due to leakage. Refrigeration repairs related to leakage can be easily fixed. Here are some of the solutions

Door gaskets

The rubber present in the door gaskets can be a cause of water leakage if sealing has not been done properly. The seal should be cleaned with warm soapy water and can be fixed. If this does not work, people need to replace the gasket with a new one.

Defrost drain

The defrost drain in the freezer might get clogged and hence it can lead to leakage.

Drain pan

The drain pan present at the bottom of the fridge is full of water and there comes the chance of leakage. This pan should be emptied regularly to get rid of leakage.

Sound in refrigerator

Refrigerator can make a lot of noise and there can be many reasons behind that. Some of the sounds are normal and these include cluttering of ice or hissing sound. If other sounds are also heard like buzzing, humming, etc., then refrigeration repairs are needed.

Level the legs

If the refrigerator is not standing properly, it can be a reason of various types of sounds. The legs should be leveled to eliminate the problem. The door of the refrigerator should be closed easily.

Place the machine on a soundproof mat

Soundproof mats are available online which people can purchase and refrigerators can be placed on it. The mat reduces vibrations coming out of the fridge and people living below will not feel the sound.

Cooling is less

There are situations when the cooling of the refrigerator becomes less and food like milk, dough, and other things are getting spoilt. Following things can be done in such a case.

Temperature settings can be adjusted

Spoiling of food is disturbing signal; so, you can adjust the temperature so that cooling can be increased. There is a thermostat present in the machine, which controls the temperature.

Check the door gaskets

The seal of the door gasket may have been damaged which can lead to less cooling. The seals should be, and a petroleum jelly should be applied on it. If this does not increase the cooling, the gaskets can be changed.

Cleaning of condenser coil

A dirty coil can affect the cooling abilities of the fridge. These coils need to be cleaned within the interval of every two or three months.

Cooling has been increased

When the refrigerator cools down more than the requirement, it can freeze the food and can also spoil cucumber, watermelon, and other watery vegetables and fruits. In such a case, refrigeration repairs are needed. Here are the following things that should be checked.

Damper should be checked

Damper checks the cool air from entering into cabinets and if it does not work, it leads to more cooling than the requirement. 

Replacement of thermostat

Suppose the thermostat is not working properly, it should be replaced immediately. Any delay can lead to major mishaps.

These are some of the problems that can occur in a refrigerator. Some of them can be handled by the owner but if the problem still persists, you should call a professional to ensure the issues are resolved in the best possible way. You may want to trust the help of an expert refrigeration service company so you can be assured that issues will be spotted before they turn into a major problem. Make sure to be alert and notice all that happens around your fridge. Thank you

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