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Not long ago, gaming was considered by most people just a waste of time. It was a hobby for gamers who loved to binge play on weekends, but esports has changed the whole perspective now. You can earn money and even notoriety for being an elite professional video gamer and make a long-term career.

Today over $7 million worth of scholarships are being awarded by over 40 universities across the globe to promote esports. There are tournaments that you can participate in socially, competing and connecting with the players from all over the world. So, if you are at a stage where you want to take up competitive gaming as a career, here are the tips to get better at it.

Just One Game to Begin With 

Video games span over hundreds of genres and you need to pick the one that you like the most. Then you will pick a game you want to master as a player. Pros advise that beginners should try to pick the first-person shooter or FPS games such as Counter Strike that teaches then coordination and real-time strategies or RTS games like StarCraft to develop their management and multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA) such as DOTA teach them team collaboration. But you need to progress one game at a time.

Choose A Gaming Platform

PlayStation or Xbox or Stream, after choosing your favorite game, the next choice is to find the most suitable gaming platform for the same. While you can always play games on PC, dedicated platforms offer better performance. If you are going to play on your PC you might have to do some investments in order to upgrade the hardware and get a more powerful processor.

Study Popular Techniques & Tactics

Esports is just like any other craft, if you have to master it you need to study the masters. Experienced gamers can share insights that might take months for you to learn on your own. and YouTube are the platforms where you will find current players and gaming influencers sharing tips with young players to improve their skills. It’s just like learning parlays in sports betting, just as free parlay calculator helps you get the most accurate numbers, studying popular techniques will let you know how to get better at esports.

Practice A Lot

Getting good at esports is all about practice. Hours and hours of practice goes into achieving the desired level of skills for an esports career. The best way to continuously improve your skills is to practice with players with a skill level higher than yours. Attending esports summer camps is one of the ways for the younger generation to get a view into the lives of professional gamers.

Be Online More

Any valuable pro gamer will have an online reputation that speaks of his skills. This is why if you want to be good at competitive Esports you have to start networking with other players. You can more rapidly achieve your goal of becoming a pro gamer if you keep active on various platforms like sharing tutorials on YouTube, writing blogs about gaming and keeping active social accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other media outlets.

Remember that a career in esports can be rewarding if you are willing to dedicate yourself enough. The information we shared about is just the starting point, as you immerse yourself into esports you will learn more and make friends with other gamers throughout the learning process.


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