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Working out can be intimidating, especially if you’re just starting out. But don’t worry—just like any skill, working out needs practice and dedication. To help you start your fitness journey, we’ll provide a few warm-up exercises to help you become more comfortable with exercise. Additionally, we’ll discuss how diamond push-ups are a great addition to any workout routine. Let’s dive in!

Warm-Up Exercises

Before engaging in any physical activity, getting your body ready for the task ahead is important. Doing warm-up exercises helps loosen your muscles and raises your heart rate so your body is prepared for the workout.

Here are three simple warm up exercises that you can do before beginning your workout routine:

  • Jumping Jacks – Start by standing with feet together and hands at sides. Then jump up while simultaneously extending legs out wide and bringing hands above head. Return to starting position and repeat as needed.
  • Arm Circles – Begin by standing tall with arms extended out shoulder height at a 90 degree angle from your body. Make small circles with both arms in one direction for 20 seconds then switch directions for another 20 seconds.
  • High Knees – Stand tall while bringing alternating knees up towards chest as high as possible while keeping back straight, core engaged, and arms pumping back and forth next to sides of the body. Continue this motion for one minute or until you feel ready to begin the main portion of your exercise routine.

Diamond Push Ups

Once you have completed several sets of warm-ups it is time to move on to the main exercise portion of the workout routine. One excellent option is diamond push-ups, which are perfect for strengthening your chest muscles and triceps, shoulders, and core simultaneously! To perform this exercise, start by getting into a plank position with feet wider than hip-width distance and hands positioned about 2 times shoulder width apart forming a diamond shape between both hands—fingers should be pointed forward towards toes or slightly outward depending on preference/comfort level). Next lower chest down towards floor while maintaining an engaged core throughout entire movement before pushing back up using triceps to complete 1 rep (repeat 10 times). If unable to complete 10 repetitions without rest modify range of motion until able to do so before increasing reps when appropriate over time (for example begin by doing 5 reps 3 times before adding more reps/sets).


Working out can seem intimidating but it doesn’t have to be! With proper warm-up exercises such as jumping jacks, arm circles, and high knees combined with some basic strength training moves like diamond push-ups, anyone can have an effective workout no matter their current fitness level or experience! So give these exercises a try today —you’ll thank yourself later!

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