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Searching for the right investment property can be daunting. However, if you’re not getting the best deals, probably you’re searching in the wrong places. Technology has since made things easier, and you can now search all manner of things online. Whether you want to invest in NNN properties or order your favorite drink online- all is possible with technology. Well, you’ll get many property listings online, and it’s best to save some bucks. How can I go about this? Let’s find out. 


  1. Stick to your niche

One of the major challenges for real estate investors is wanting to invest in all manner of properties. However, sticking to your niche goes a long way. If you’ve decided to invest in triple net properties, stick to that and watch yourself succeed.

 Otherwise, you’ll find yourself searching for flip houses, display homes, and other properties that you have little information about. By focusing on one niche, you gain a lot of information about the investments and know the risks involved. This way, you’ll likely profit from your investment.


  1. Take advantage of online marketplaces.

We can’t underestimate the power of technology in real estate. Nowadays, you’ll find different properties online, and all you need is to choose ones that interest you. For excellent results, use multiple listings; these enable you to access a wide variety of propertiesYou’ll also get lots of valuable information to help you as an investor. There are many nnn lease property types, the best options to consider include;


  1. Re-listed properties

Properties that have been repeatedly re-listed by different brokers

Expired listings whereby the property wasn’t sold

Properties with a total days-on-market count exceeding the market average


  1. Compare sites

All triple net properties come at varied prices. You can get the same property at different rates. This is because the location may vary, and the seller may have other reasons to price the property differently. It’s then crucial to compare prices among many sites. Since you’re searching online, it’s easier to shift from one site to another, unlike in an offline search. This way, you’ll compare the property features, amenities, location and prices, and locate the best bargains with ease.


  1. Consider off-market deals

Investing in real estate is a game of numbers. The earlier you understand this, the higher your chance of success. With more deals, you have more properties to choose from and are likely to get the best-priced properties.

One excellent way to doing this is checking out-of-market deals. These are properties that haven’t been listed for sale or in online marketplaces. Their completion is relatively low, which puts you at an advantage as the buyer.

 You can get such properties through;

  • Networks and referrals
  • Use of real estate agents& brokers
  • Property management companies
  • Direct mails
  • Online sources

A quick wrap up

There are many benefits of investing in triple net properties. As an investor, you forget about the stress of handling property management, maintenance, and repairs. Again, there are numerous properties to choose from. Whether you go for restaurants, offices, or medical clinics, you can always get the best deals online.


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