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Getting the best quality stock music and sound effects for content creators at a fair price is difficult for several creators. There are more music licensing companies, but most video content creators prefer those offering unlimited subscription services since it’s cheaper and helps save time.

In our article today, we will have a look at Artlist as the most popular music licensing platform and other best alternatives.


  • Unlimited SFX and music downloads
  • Affordable subscription pricing
  • Offers efficient and quick search
  • Best-quality videos and music
  • One universal license
  • All SFX and songs have lifetime licenses even after ending the subscription
  • Has a continuously growing library


  • SFX and Music can’t be purchased separately
  • No free trial

Powerful Plugins to Get Amazing Results

For those who have limited time, plugins will be of great help in enhancing your footage very fast. Artlist features more than 40 pro-level plugins for color grading, fixing light flare problems, removing backgrounds, applying different effects, and adding drop shadows.

Moreover, you can use a picture-in-picture plugin to combine two clips.

Plugins available on the Artlist platform allow one to completely transform their videos by applying vintage effects, professional color correction, using gradients, and experimenting with hues and tones.

These plugins can also be used with other video editing software since they are compatible with After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Vegas Pro, Motion, etc.


Music 60,000
SFX 50,000
Videos 180,000
Max video resolution 8K
Video templates 20,000
Pricing $9.99–$39.99 per month
Licenses Royalty-free

 Getting Started with Artlist

After creating an account, you need to subscribe to either of the plans to enjoy over 400K premium assets available.

There are five plans to choose from depending on your needs. With an active subscription, you can freely download and use every asset available in the library, and with a Max – Max-Everything plan, the subscriber will also get plugins and video editing tools.

For organizations with more than 100 employees, an Enterprise plan will work best since it offers tailor-made terms and licenses, a multi-user account, VIP customer care, etc.

Best Alternative

  • Envato Elements

One of the best alternatives to Artlist is the Envato Elements. This platform has over 4 million stock videos and several thousands of audio files, video templates, images, fonts, graphics, etc. The main benefit of Envato Elements is it has a huge library unlike with Artlist platform.

With a huge library of assets, content creators will have a variety to choose from to create a unique project. After subscribing to a plan, you’ll have unlimited downloads of all assets in the library.

The licensing terms at Envato Elements are generous where a single Envato Elements License allows commercial use of assets. That is, you’ll upload videos with Envato content on Twitch, YouTube, etc.

Video templates 515,000
Videos 4.6 million
SFX 652,000
Cost $11.50–$39.00/month
Audio 774,000
Indemnity 6 month’s subscription fees
  • Shutterstock

Shutterstock is another best alternative to Artlist with a massive stock video library. Moreover, Shutterstock has several licensing options to suit everyone’s needs. Moreover, with Shutterstock, you’ll have over 21 million video clips to select from for any project concept.

Cost $2.22–$65
Videos 29.2 million
Video templates /
Audio 30,500
Indemnity $10K–$250K
  • Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is also a great choice over Artlist. This platform features deep integration on different Creative Cloud apps including Premiere and Photoshop. Moreover, with Adobe Stock users will easily search and preview stock assets. Adobe Stock has over 200 million vectors, photos, videos, 3D models, templates, etc.

In addition, Adobe Stock synchronizes directly with Creative Cloud Libraries, thus, you’ll easily access your downloads at any time. With a tight-knit workflow video editor, designers, etc. will work faster and more efficiently.

Cost $7.99–$199.80
Indemnity $10K
Video templates 99,000
Videos 26 million
Audio 72,000
  • Artgrid

Artgrid is among the best musical platforms with several varieties of video clips. Moreover, the videos are pleasing to look at. Their content is suitable for every content creator, editor, filmmaker, etc. At Artgrid, users will get access to unlimited downloads of over 160k of high-quality stock footage, RAW / LOG clips, and color-graded 8K. This platform also features low subscription plans making it suitable for beginners, professionals, and freelancers. This platform is also great for YouTubers and streamers and allows YouTube monetization.

  • Musicbed

Musicbed is a great alternative as a professional solution for music licensing. Its basic individual subscription is $30 per month and you’ll also have access to other pro-level features.

At Musicbed, you can ask employees to pitch the music assets that work best for your project.

  • Pond5

This platform is best known for having stock assets like sound effects, music, and stock videos. Pond5 has a wide variety of affordable subscription options. The platform features a wide collection of over 100 million stock media assets among them being music, stock photos, 4K videos, sound effects, etc. Pond5 is the best option for those looking for the best-quality stock assets to enhance their projects. Its huge library, affordable pricing, and flexible licensing make it an excellent and powerful tool.

  • Storyblocks

Storyblocks and Artlist both offer similar content with similar price points. However, Storyblocks offers licensing for illustrations and stock images hence if in need of still images, Storyblocks is the best option.

Furthermore, storyblocks also features a plug-in that’s compatible with Adobe software. With this, you will search for assets minus leaving your Adobe editor and this will improve your workflow.

Unfortunately, Storyblocks limits downloads on its basic plan.

  • PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat is best known for offering premium-quality sound effects and audio making it the best alternative to Artlist. PremiumBeat offers over 37,000 music tracks and over 16,200 sound effects for video creators.

With PremiumBeat it’s simple to get a perfect SFX and music for different projects including podcasting, filming, advertising, etc. Its intuitive interface allows users to search and filter results by instrument, mood, genre, duration, etc. to pinpoint exact tracks.

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