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Cable Construction

Custom cabling fuels many industries, providing essential transport and data to keep manufacturing projects moving forward. Cables are designed to support a wide variety of applications based on the needs of the manufacturer or industry expert. Discover the basic facts about cable construction and application to choose the right components for any project.

Industries Reliant on Cabling

While cabling might not be at the visual forefront of many projects, it is an essential element for many industrial applications including:

  • Medical – device products including endoscopic and laparoscopic that are compliant with stringent medical requirements along with ultrasonic cleaning and other industry necessities
  • Industrial – global organizations rely on ordering cabling from a supplier that is ISO 9001:2015, FDA and ITAR certified cable suppliers from an organization website dedicated to taking a concept from drawing to marketable products
  • Aerospace and defense corporations require unique custom cable assemblies, fitting, mil-spec cables, and other special components, along with article inspection reports using a compliant AS9102 format
  • Electronic cable assemblies for robotics and other electromechanical applications that are RoHS and REACH-compliant
  • Other key markets include consumer products such as jewelry as well as industries including fitness, automotive, boating, sporting goods, and dental.

Basic Types of Custom Cable Assembly Solutions

Whether an organization wants to compare cable products or is seeking a customized solution, it is crucial to select an experienced partner with the ability to design, produce, and test custom assemblies such as:

  • Cables must be produced to support the specific industry and product requirements to be reliable and customized as needed.
  • Fittings are a crucial aspect of many cable assemblies and are used in complex working environments for a wide range of industries.
  • Pulleys consist of a myriad of versatile solutions to deliver consistently every time and every day.
  • Push-pull components are an essential element, from loss of motion to travel, in a variety of global applications.
  • Chemicals and other materials are also required for certain custom cable assembly solutions and chemical compositions must be carefully reviewed with an experienced partner prior to selection.

Qualities to Look for in a Cable Expert

Partnering with the right cable expert is a critical part of developing viable custom cable assemblies. Qualities to look for in a cabling expert include:

  • Customization of key products including cables, pulleys, push-pull components, and miniature cable fittings.
  • A comprehensive product line created to accommodate a wide range of applications for global industries.
  • Dedication to supporting organizations with unique applications and customized solutions that go beyond the available product line.
  • An in-house engineering team that works with partners to create customized cable assemblies to bring all types of products to life.
  • Access to exotic materials as well as standard ones to create one-of-a-kind cabling solutions for any industry.
  • A wide array of related services to meet industry-specific requirements for custom assemblies including prototyping, ultrasonic cleaning, small product runs, and stress-relieving cables to extend their life.
  • Cutting-edge manufacturing processes that produce custom cable assemblies at a great value to organizations.
  • Collaborative efforts to meet or exceed client specifications and take into consideration any applicable industry regulations to ensure compliance.

When organizations get the facts about cable construction and application, production moves forward seamlessly to keep companies profitable and productive.

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