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One of the best is MetaTrader 5 when it concerns Forex and CFD currency trading.

To start working on the platform, download the installation package from the mt5 for pc section. Next, run the package you downloaded – it is the same on Windows, Linux, and Mac – then install the software according to the on-screen instructions. When the installation is finished, the software will launch itself automatically, leaving a small shortcut on your screen.

Type your username and passwords in the email that you receive to your email after you have created a personal trading profile account.

We will guide you step by step through several simple steps, helping you to install MetaTrader 5 on your PC successfully.

Metatrader 5 for Windows Installation

In order to install the software on a Windows PC where you need to get the installer from an official download source and start it running. That means that the majority of files needed to function correctly would be downloaded from the internet. 

If you would like to install MT5, the best free platform for free online trading, please follow these 4 points:

  1. Launch and download MetaTrader 5 for PC.
  2. Download MT5 on Windows.
  3. Open a MT5 demo account.
  4. Sign in to MetaTrader 5.

Once you start the installer, you will first be asked to review the license terms and conditions.

Then a page will open on which you can adjust the settings you want – modify the path of installation or choose a label. Once the setup is complete, a prompt will appear inviting you just to close it by clicking the “Finish” button. You can also install on top of an existing software and, if this is the case, all settings will be retained as much as humanly possible. This will affect only those profiles, patterns and the default set of experts and indicators. To trade on multiple accounts you may install the required number of terms, by using various folders for downloading the program’s parts. 

Installation of Metatrader 5 on Mac OS

With the Mac OS, you require additional platform software. A good option would probably even be Wine. 

PlayOnMac is one more adaptation software. They are recommended for stable operation by authorized members of your MetaTrader platforms. You can install PlayOnMac by simply downloading its latest version off the official website. 

The program will ask you to read the license convention and accept it and enter your credentials for the security test. 

As soon as the installation is completed, you can set up the trading module. First, you should download the distributive and start it. The distribution is automatically loaded into your PlayOnMac software. Follow the standard steps, like in Windows systems. When installation is complete, the software will ask you to create the necessary labels for starting it. Open the MT5 platform icon to get you up and running.

MT5 has a freeware license, so downloading the distributive is not a problem. But remember that free is actively used by fraudsters to distribute computer viruses. That is why it is preferable to look for the original code for installations on official websites. Renowned brokerages often suggest downloading distribution boards of their sites.  

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