Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Whether you are sitting idle at home or have some spare time and wish to make a few bucks, ghostwriting is something you should consider. What is ghostwriting? It is basically a job where you write speeches, articles, or books without getting credit. It is basically you writing for someone who gets the credit and you get the payment.

It does sound easy but in order to pursue it, you need to make sure you have good vocabulary and writing skills. Unless you have those skills you will not be able to impress clients, and hence you will have no work. However, that is not all that it takes to become one of the best ghostwriting services.

Why should you establish yourself among the best ghostwriting services? Simply because that is the only way to make the big bucks. If you aren’t known you won’t get the big projects like blog posts for influencers or children’s books. Now the question arises as to how you can establish yourself as one of the best ghostwriting services? There are a few tips and tricks I can share with you that I have learned over the past few years.

No work is unworthy of your time 

            Take whatever work comes your way, no matter how menial it may seem. Even if it is the simplest article accept it and give it your best shot. Each article you write gives you experience. It helps polish your skills and prepares you for the bigger projects that are your end goal.

Do not take it lightly 

                  If you really want to be the best ghostwriting service then treat ghostwriting as a job. Take it seriously, make a schedule for your work and follow it. Taking it seriously is not limited to just your writing it includes marketing your business. The marketing could be anything from a simple social media account to a fancy website.

Be willing to adapt 

             As a memoir ghostwriter, you do not have free reign over what you write and how you write it. Yes, you are the writer but this is someone else’s project you are working on so it has to be their style. In order to succeed you need to be willing to change your writing style to suit your client. You need to be less egoistic and make the client your first priority. Do as they sat, keep them happy and that’s half your job done.

Now, that I have given you tips that can guide you to success. Let me shed some light on the second most important thing that is charges. What should your ghostwriting service rates be? Honestly, there isn’t one fixed answer to that question. Ghostwriting service rates depend upon a lot of factors.

Article rates 

             If you are writing an article as a beginner your charges will be anywhere from $100- $500 depending on the number of words and pages. Additionally, if the article is research based you can add to your ghostwriting service rates depending upon the number of research hours. Moreover, if you are an established ghostwriter or have publishing credits you should charge more.

Book rates 

Charges for a book could be based upon the number of words. So you could charge 35 cents per word or you could have a set charge for the number of pages. Depending on the amount of work and effort put in as well as your experience the prices vary. If you are a newbie writing a 250- 300 page book the cost will be anywhere from $12000 to $15,000. However, if you are an experienced ghostwriter you can easily charge $15,000 – $25,000 for the same book.

     Moreover, if you are writing a book you may want to try negotiating royalties. I know I said ghostwriters are not credited for their work but you could try to convince your client to credit you as an editor or a co-author. There is no harm in giving it a shot.

All that being said if you are thinking about becoming a ghostwriter take it easy. It is really easy to get overwhelmed, so take every opportunity as it comes. Focus on one project at a time, belief in yourself and your capabilities. Know the worth of your work and charge your client accordingly no matter what anyone else says and most importantly keep going. Do not look back, never stop and treat it like a job.

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