Gift Cards Hub: Simple Step-by-step Process to Trade Your Gift Cards for Instant Cash

If you’ve traded with anyone in the past, you would have experienced delayed payments. This can be very frustrating especially when you need the cash immediately. If you detest delayed payments, then permit me to introduce you to the number gift card trading web app in Nigeria that runs 24/7 and gives instant payments.

Gift Cards Hub is a trading platform designed for Nigerians who want to exchange their gift cards for naira. The cards traded on this platform include iTunes, Steam, eBay, Google Play, Sephora, Nordstrom, American Express, One Vanilla, Amazon, VISA, Walmart, Nike and Apple cards.

Trading can be very tedious when you do not have a vendor that is trustworthy and reliable which is why Gift Cards Hub should be your number one trading webapp every time you have a gift card you want sell off.

Gift cards are physical or online certificates that have monetary intrinsic value. These cards are used to purchase different items in specific sites, stores, or apps. They have been in existence for quite some time and have gained popularity over the years. Popular companies like Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Nike and even eBay use gift cards to encourage customers to purchase their products.

These cards help customers save for festive seasons and also show their appreciation to loved ones. The majority of these cards do not expire and have no fees attached to them, making them even more attractive. They can be transferred easily from owner to recipient. Gift cards are definitely a part of pop culture and have been accepted as a means of exchange.

While gift cards are valuable in many western countries, their usage is greatly restricted in Nigeria because the stores that accept these cards are not in Nigeria. So if you have these cards in your possession, there is a 99% chance that you might have no use for them but that doesn’t mean that you should trash them. There are trading platforms that purchase these cards and give you naira in exchange. You can then use the cash to buy whatever it is you want.

How to Trade Your Gift Card in Nigeria?

There are various trading platforms spread across the country but Gift Cards Hub stands out as the best platform to trade various kinds of gift cards. There are various reasons why this is so. Check out some reasons why you should trade your gift cards with

Easy to Use App

Nothing turns off a user than a webapp that is unnecessarily complex and difficult to use, but this is not the case with Giftcards hub. The user interface is very sleek and easy to navigate. If you get to the home page, you can easily find your way around to carry out your transactions without any stress or strain.

Tested and Trusted Trading Services

Gift cards hub has been in the trading business for over five years. Their services have been tested and proven to be trusted by Nigerians. You can check Instagram and Facebook for them. They also have a website where you can read about them and reach them. This is a brand that values and prioritizes customer satisfaction. Gift Cards Hub is tested and trusted.

100% Safety and Security

Their website is protected with a secure socket layer and highly advanced security tools. These security measures help to ensure that all your trades are kept very safe and secure so malicious internet users can access them. This means you can carry out your trades with your mind completely at rest knowing that nobody can access your information.

Round the Clock Trading Services

Gift Cards Hub is always open for business all the time so if you ever need to redeem your gift cards at unholy hours when vendors are fast asleep and not attending to anyone, you can count on them to come through for you. They are your reliable trading plug for all kinds of gift cards whenever you need them. The last thing you want is to need cash and not be able to trade your cards immediately. This is why you should begin trading with Gift Cards Hub today.

Ever Ready Customer Care Support

Nothing hits harder than needing help in the middle of a trade and having nobody to cry to for help. At Gift Cards Hub, that is an impossible situation to experience because the support works round the clock and are ever ready to attend to whatever challenge you may face. So let’s say your card has a purchase restriction, you can hurriedly call on the customer support to assist you out of the situation so you can process your trade smoothly.

Instant Withdrawal Option

With Gift Cards Hub, you can withdraw your payments immediately after your trade is verified and confirmed. With their available juicy rates and instant withdrawal option, trading with them is a cloud 9 experience. The ecstasy that comes with receiving a credit alert immediately after your trade is completed is unexplainable. Want to enjoy this ecstatic feeling? Then sign up to Gift Cards Hub today and begin trading with them.

Step-By-Step Process to Trade Your Gift Cards for Instant Cash on Gift Cards Hub is open 24/7 to buy your gift cards. You can sell a variety of cards like iTunes, Steam, eBay, Google Play, Sephora, Nordstrom, American Express, One Vanilla, Amazon, VISA, Walmart, Nike and Apple cards. Below is the step-by-step process to trade all your gift cards with Gift Cards Hub.

  1. Go to
  2. For new members, create a new account. Simply click on trade now and input the following details
  • Username
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Password

Agree to the terms and conditions and create your account. However, if you already have an account, simply click on sign in, input your correct email address and password and log in.

  1. After logging in, select the Gift Card you want to trade and the category of the gift card. Once you input the amount, your gift card amount will be calculated immediately.
  2. You will be required to upload the image of your gift card or receipt to complete your trade. After reading the terms of trade, click on place order.

Ready to trade your gift cards? Trade your cards for naira on the best gift card trading app in Nigeria, Gift cards Hub.

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