Sat. May 25th, 2024
  1. Use Professional Platforms More Frequently

One of my main goals is to use professional platforms and engage on them frequently so that I can develop a better network with stronger connections. With that said, it is also important for me to be more discerning on social media so that more value is clearly added to my business. I intend on achieving this by working with others and developing a very strong social media strategy and implementing it. 

  1. Work On Customer Relationships That Already Exist

The most important goal that I’ve set for 2022 is to take much better care of my relationships with my customers. This means that I don’t need to place strong emphasis on getting new customers. It is actually a lot more effective to improve my business’s services when it comes to serving the customers we already have. This will actually generate more referrals since our service would be much higher quality and our reputation would positively grow. 

I intend on using my virtual assistant to create better systems, delegate and automate a lot of the business processes and utilize Tracktime24 for time management. I’d also like to create short videos for my clients so that they can view them before meetings. This will allow us to pay more attention to implementation and addressing the issues that come up. I’d also like to add additional structured mindfulness work for clients since they clearly enjoy it. 

  1. Use Strategic Partnerships To Scale

I intend on using strategic partnerships with various relevant consultancies and training companies so that I can scale my business. Of course, I’ll only partner with businesses that have a strong emphasis on providing the best and most up to date solutions to customers. This is important because the world is always evolving and this means that there is always a constant need for new solutions. Once the right tools are available, it is easy to scale a coaching business even though it is seemingly limited by how many hours the coach can work. 

  1. Develop Partnerships With Additional Coaches

Another one of my main goals is to develop more partnerships with additional coaches. Last year I realized that doing this would create more opportunities as opposed to simply working alone. By partnering with other coaches, it adds new perspectives and opinions. My business actually grew by partnering with other coaches so I’ll definitely continue to develop more partnerships in 2022.

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